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If there is a takeaway from Citigroup's not-quite-stellar rollout of the Costco Anywhere Visa card, it is this: Even in modern times, the transition of large card portfolios from one issuer to another can prove disastrously complex.
ClearXchange has access to a majority of the market's online banking accounts as it takes on Venmo, but there's one thing it may not have.  more »
With the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau expected to release tighter rules for prepaid cards in the next several weeks, prepaid issuers are pushing what they see as advantages over banks, such as fast access to payroll funds.  more »
FinTech Forward
A Secure Alternative to Screen Scraping
Screen scraping is an out-of-date way to share transaction data with mobile apps and services. It's high time for banks to invest in OAuth, a protocol that lets customers access their financial data in a portal of their choosing and is secure.  read more »