A frame from ShopKeep's TV spot, depicting a business owner's frustration at learning about the EMV fraud liability shift.
One of the more astonishing challenges of the U.S. EMV conversion is getting the word out, especially given the urgency of the October deadline the card networks set for a fraud liability shift.
When Visa and MasterCard decided to support host card emulation (HCE) by providing specifications to help system integrators to incorporate a cloud-based payment solution, it was a boost for mobile pay, though there are still security concerns.  more »
Alibaba has started using a modified version of a QR code to fight counterfeit fraud and enable individualized marketing. And the payments potential for such an offering is huge, delivering something akin to a non-wireless version of item-level RFID.  more »
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Investor communications company Broadridge Financial Solutions has entered into an agreement with Thomson Reuters Lipper to acquire its Fiduciary Services and Competitive Intelligence unit.  read more »