Jason Gross, vice president of strategy and marketing for VeriFone Media
VeriFone is targeting a wide range of markets for its taxi and merchant applications. The company has reached an agreement with Bharti Airtel Group in Africa and, separately, entered taxi payment deals in Turkey and Mexico.
Amazon's Square-like card reader comes at a very un-Square-like price, undercutting Amazon's competitor by a full 1% per swipe. But that promotion will eventually go away — and when it does, Amazon's merchants might go with it.  more »
SumUp is preparing to bring its mobile point of sale device to a number of new countries, and hopes its practice of developing its technology in-house will help it contain the costs of chip and PIN card payments.  more »
PayPal Taps Braintree Tech to Test 'One-Touch' Mobile Payments
Braintree and PayPal are testing an integrated mobile payments feature, delivering on the company's promise to integrate technology from Braintree's Venmo unit.  read more »

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