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PayPal is putting a lot of effort into ensuring that the company that emerges from eBay ownership this month is a much different — and more powerful — creature than the one it has been until now.
Knowing the value of your proposition and the buyer are two of the hardest things the owner of an SME can ever learn, but both can hurt adversely affect business payments.  more »
When Citi launched its Apple Watch app three months ago, it made the tough decision to offer it as a separate download from its Citi Mobile iOS app, rather than integrating it directly.  more »
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Why London's Fintech Startup Scene Is Growing Fast
Investment in London fintech firms is soaring and young companies are being drawn to the area, especially the Canary Wharf district, thanks to the efforts of incubator Level39, a vibrant social scene, and close proximity to large banks.  read more »