U.S. banks, already troubled to put in place the alliances necessary to operate in Asia and other parts of the world, have even more to worry about in light of investigators' allegations that North Korea played a role in the cyber attacks on Swift partner banks throughout Southeast Asia as well as the Bangladesh account at the New York Federal Reserve Bank.
Citing a growing frustration with how the EMV transition has interfered with merchants' options for PIN debit transaction routing and authorization, the Merchant Advisory Group for the first time is asking federal auditors to examine the practices of some debit card issuers.  more »
The fight between Visa and Walmart over authenticating chip cards could have a negative outcome for everyone involved, regardless of which side wins.  more »
FinTech Forward
Flashback: Banks' Disruption Fears, Circa 1994
Well before the mobile payments explosion, incumbents were already focused on how to respond to nonbanks "piggybacking" on banks' payments infrastructure. As the consultant behind a 1994 banking industry report on the threat put it, "there is no time for delay."  read more »