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Commerce Bank of Kansas City, Mo., has found its customers want to save the planet, but don't want to think too hard about it, so the issuer partnered with Sustain:Green for cards that offset carbon emissions.
The problem with basing a mobile point of sale system on Apple products is the merchant invariably pays Apple prices. E-Nabler aims to demonstrate that the same capabilities can be had on Android tablets and smartphones for at least half the price.  more »
There's a classic approach behind many of the retail cyberattacks that make the news: Backoff malware, which “sniffs” the traffic that flows on a network to identify and steal credit card data passed between point of sale (POS) terminals.  more »
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Fintech Recruitment Lessons ... from 'Star Wars'
Stephen Bohanon of Alkami, a vendor of online and mobile banking software, explains why tech companies serving financial institutions need to hire both industry veterans ("Jedis") and innovative outsiders ("Padawans").  read more »