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DigiSeq is aggressively pushing a future of wearable computing, contending that payments should be baked into whatever device the consumer is using, rather than a specific device an issuer directly distributes or chooses to perform financial services.
Fiserv is aiming to improve the accuracy and cost-effectiveness of biometric authentication by shipping palm-biometric kits to its customers.  more »
The ability to browse limitless shops and purchase goods and services from almost anywhere in the world has revolutionized commerce.  more »
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As the U.S. Speeds Up Payments, Keep Your Eyes on These People
The nation's Federal Reserve Banks have kicked off a multi-year process aimed at speeding up our often painfully slow payment system. Earlier this month, a Fed task force on the issue elected a steering committee that will play a key role in defining a path forward. The 19 members on the steering committee represent various parts of the payments ecosystem, including banking giants, corporations like Walmart that are large users of the payment system, and payment innovators like Dwolla and Ripple Labs. Here's a look at 13 of them.  read more »