Linda Mantia, executive vice president of digital, payments and cards for RBC.
Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) is already working with the features of the upcoming Android operating system that Google previewed last week, with the goal of improving the usability and security of mobile payments.
Revel Systems found its niche in the point-of-sale landscape by developing software that turned an iPad into a payment terminal. But a WiFi-based device such as a tablet is only as strong as the WiFi signal it's connected to.  more »
Intuit, which works with numerous small-business owners through its QuickBooks software and other products, is learning that convincing merchants to adopt EMV technology will require more than just educating them on the technology and the consequences of missing the card networks' October deadline.  more »
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Investor communications company Broadridge Financial Solutions has entered into an agreement with Thomson Reuters Lipper to acquire its Fiduciary Services and Competitive Intelligence unit.  read more »