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In theory, all parties benefit when consumers have their choice of payment options, but the deluge of new technologies has led issuers to respond in ways that could create lasting frustration for consumers and merchants.
Kwik Chek Food Stores' new technology for updating gas prices at the pump also pushes those price changes to motorists using its mobile payment app, a feature that gets customers engaged with the retailer long before they pull up to the pump.  more »
Instant card issuance builds immediate value in the eyes of the consumer, and also helps them feel like a valued customer, potentially increasing their card usage rate and extending the longevity of the business relationship.  more »
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Starbucks' Mobile Pay Updates Win Over New Audiences
The ubiquitous coffee chain is making new inroads with its mobile payments app, and its success underscores how nonbanks can outdo banks at their own game and should be watched closely by banking industry participants.  read more »