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The traditional audience for prepaid cards is the underbanked or unbanked, many of whom are excluded from the mainstream financial services system due to their lacking credit histories. Green Dot is nevertheless pursuing this audience with a Platinum Visa secured credit card that requires an upfront cash deposit and carries a raft of fees.
NCR, which is primarily known for its ATMs and point of sale hardware, is taking more steps into digital banking.  more »
Generation Z, the generation following what is commonly referred to as the Millennials, has only just formed its identity, yet its older members are already preparing to enter the workforce and take part in modern commerce.  more »
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Ex-Banker's Crowdfunding Firm Finds Its Missing Link: A Bank
Kim Kaselionis saw a lot of small-business-loan applications die on her desk when she was a bank chief, so she started a crowdfunding firm to nurse along startups till they were bankable. That's where Fresno First comes in.  read more »