How Canada's 'Faster Payments' Developed Faster than Others
Much like contactless mobile payments, 'faster payments' are making a methodical push throughout Canada, an advance that's moving quicker than many other countries, especially the U.S.  more »
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Visa Inc. is trying a new gambit offset consumers' irritation with hassles surrounding the messy EMV chip-card migration—it's introducing a winsome young woman to console the masses. more »
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Amex has been given the court's blessing to deter merchants from steering consumers away from its pricier cards, raising questions for those pushing newer loyalty strategies. more »
For merchants still on the fence about whether to buy Square Inc.’s $49 contactless card reader, there’s a new enticement to consider: Square has sped up the time it takes to accept EMV cards by 1.5 seconds. more »
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These gas pumps are not EMV-compliant.
Replacing gas pump hardware is a big, disruptive move for any fuel seller, but with the sector's EMV liability shift only a year away, more companies are facing the inevitable. more »
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At the start of its fourth decade, the Automated Clearing House — a payment method most commonly known for facilitating payroll direct deposits — has found itself firmly in the crosshairs of the card networks and alternative payment providers. more »
New payment card technologies are forcing Mastercard to break into a new set of BINs (bank identification numbers). more »
New Orleans--As credit and debit card issuers start to see the benefits of EMV-chip card security, prepaid would seem to be the logical next step. But prepaid issuers remain unconvinced of the security benefits of EMV. more »
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The settlement underscored how incentives and sales goals led employees to illegally open new accounts, transfer customer money to the accounts, and create PIN numbers and emails without customers' authorization, regulators said. more »
It was inevitable that someone would try to add up those extra seconds it takes to perform an EMV transaction, and when Cayan did it concluded that EMV is forcing U.S. consumers as a whole to spend years in extra time at the register. more »
A new tool developed by the federal government may put the brakes on certain counterfeit card scams during the holidays, if law enforcement agencies can replicate the results of an initial test. more »
The one thing payment terminal hardware makers should have been sure of this year was relatively strong demand from merchants finally upgrading to EMV-compatible equipment after the slow start last year to the U.S. chip-card migration. But that's not how it's turning out. more »
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With the first chip card deadline for ATMs coming up in a few weeks, banks need to quickly gain an upper hand on potential risks. This starts with a more complete understanding of the complex changes at the ATM terminal. more »