FIS Delivers UnionPay Gift Card for U.S. Travelers
Financial services technology provider FIS is providing UnionPay prepaid cards for U.S. consumers traveling to Asia.  more »
"Prepaid cards have a fantastic opportunity here. It is one of the few financial products that anybody can get," said Chuck Harris, president of NetSpend.
As more mobile apps and businesses push plastic payments to the background, they also give prepaid card accounts a chance to reclaim the spotlight. more »
Steve Streit, founder and CEO of Green Dot Corp.
Green Dot's embattled founder and chief executive, Steve Streit, is expected to be re-elected to the board based on preliminary voting results from its annual meeting, the company announced Monday. more »
Green Dot Corp.’s longest-serving directors, Timothy Greenleaf and Michael Moritz, resigned from the board hours before they were to stand for re-election as the firm’s largest shareholder wages a proxy fight. more »
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TD Bank announced Thursday that is doing away with the Penny Arcade coin-counting machines that are stationed in more than 1,000 of its branches along the East Coast. more »
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Users of the Walmart MoneyCard, issued by Green Dot, took to social media Wednesday to complain about problems they've encountered checking balances and accessing funds. The problems come at inopportune time for Green Dot. more »
Too Long; Didn't Read: Visa and MasterCard's rules for EMV acceptance weigh in at over 1,000 pages altogether, and their implementation can vary from merchant to merchant.
Visa's rules for card acceptance exceed 800 pages — plus supplements — and MasterCard's are nearly 300 pages. But even though the card networks have explained their expectations in painstaking detail, the difference between strict rules and mere guidelines is much blurrier when finally given to the merchant. more »
Green Dot Corp., the prepaid debit-card company, agreed to split the roles of chairman and chief executive officer. more »
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Russell Simmons
RushCard has agreed to a preliminary settlement of $20.5 million to resolve thousands of customer claims that their accounts were frozen last year. more »
While Walmart's lawsuit against Visa this week centers on authorization and routing methods, the Debit Network Alliance LLC — a group of independent debit networks — is also taking issue with EMV routing in addressing how terminal software is handling the choices presented to consumers. more »
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Citigroup is testing Bluetooth beacon technology in a pilot that gives customers cardless access to branch ATMs after business hours, among other services. more »
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Walmart and Visa have had a long and volatile relationship, and the retailer's latest lawsuit against the global card brand gives voice to a struggle that many other companies are too small to fight. more »
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In the latest salvo in a long-running feud over the costs of processing payments, Wal-Mart Stores Inc. sued Visa Inc.’s U.S. unit on Tuesday, saying the company wants the retailer to use a less-secure method for verifying debit cards in order to route transactions through its own networks to boost profits. more »