Santander Uses Plastic to Whet Brazil's Appetite for Mobile
Brazil's embrace of digital commerce is providing juice for Santander's university smart-card program, which is growing by leaps and bounds as it lays the groundwork for the mobile channel.
Images: Bloomberg News
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Images: Bloomberg News
"Amex is nothing if not resourceful," said Kenneth Chenault, chairman and CEO of American Express.
American Express will certainly suffer when its 16-year cobranding deal with Costco ends in 2016, but its executives will spend the next year building up the card brand's digital payment products to create enough opportunities to ease the company's short-term pain and guarantee its long-term health. more »
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Corporate credit cards have long been favored for expenses, but are not appropriate for all situations and are not available to all employers and employees. Just as prepaid cards have brought more of the unbanked into the financial system, stored-value cards could also push past the limitations on credit card-based expense systems. more »
“FICO scores are not what they used to be. In our demographic, they were never good to begin with,” says Green Dot CEO Steve Streit.
Green Dot Corp. plans to start offering credit lines to its customers, a move that likely foreshadows how new regulations will reshape the prepaid card industry. more »
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Green Dot reported a net loss in the fourth quarter as it spent money to diversify beyond its flagship prepaid card business. more »
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Banks partnering with prepaid card providers face the potential of higher deposit insurance fees and other ramifications from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. classifying accounts as "brokered." more »
Antonio Corro, MasterCard's manager for Thailand and Myanmar, is working to expand MasterCard's role by offering new forms of payment in these markets.
MasterCard's Antonio Corro is building a new payments system in Myanmar, a country that's springing to economic life after decades of military turmoil and political unrest. more »
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Mobile payment and commerce provider Mozido LLC is bringing on a former MasterCard executive as its president for global markets. more »
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Howard Schultz, chairman, president and CEO of Starbucks
The Starbucks gift card is the foundation the coffee chain's mobile and rewards strategy, and for good reason. In 2013, one in eight Americans received a Starbucks gift card as a holiday gift. In 2014, it was one in seven. more »
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