A Technology Shift Could Merge Mobile Payments with Loyalty
Host Card Emulation, the technology that allows contactless mobile payments without access to a phone's secure element, could bust the barrier that still lingers between mobile payments and loyalty.  more »
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Encryption has become a political hot potato for the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council as it compiles a list of validated encryption vendors and services - and leaves off some companies that say they deserve to be recognized as secure. more »
Starbucks' decision to support Apple Pay within the coffee chain's mobile payment app seems like a natural alliance of two major forces in mobile payments, but it raises a significant question: Why not do the same with Square, with which Starbucks has much deeper ties? more »
Thirty-four percent of merchants interviewed late last year for an Aite Group research report on EMV readiness had never heard of the U.S. migration to EMV-chip payment cards, despite the fast-approaching October 2015 deadline set by the card networks. more »
It may take years for most small merchants to accept EMV-chip cards in the U.S., but the country's ultimate goal of adopting the secure payment technology is coming together faster than what was seen in other EMV markets. more »
While Visa and MasterCard aren't yet applying the same level of pressure for tokenization security as they are for EMV-chip cards, the card networks' CEOs are clear that this technology is their new expectation for e-commerce. more »
As Starbucks has proven for years, few retail interactions are more tailor-made for mobile payment than coffee sales. But when U.K.-based grocery chain Marks & Spencer launched its own coffee loyalty app in a 58-store trial in London, it chose to keep its menu much simpler. more »
These days, salespeople expect more technology and flexible compensation from their ISOs, industry sources report. more »
Hardship marked the end of the year for some of the biggest payments companies, and 2015 will bring even more challenges from rapidly changing technology and nimble startups. more »
With technology at the forefront of payments, it’s tempting for industry players to become so enamored with the gee-whiz factor of the next new thing that they forget their end users—the consumers who make the payments. more »
As the trend continues toward “smart terminals” with integrated software for payments and other services, criminals seem likely to step up efforts to get their hands on a new treasure chest of data at the point of sale. more »
Merchant acquirers have faced disruption from a number of powerful new entrants to the market in recent years, including Square, Apple and Google. Now, a pro football team is getting into the game. more »
Apriva is integrating its payments gateway with software from a firm calledPOS on Cloud that performs backend functions that include inventory management, reporting, accounting and email marketing. more »