A Chocolatier's Apple Pay Experiment
The Peterbrooke Chocolatier has a new recipe for mobile payments: it's blending Apple Pay with NCR's order-ahead and mobile point of sale technology to engage its customers in a new way.
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Image: Bloomberg News
Starbucks Corp., which now handles 16% of its U.S. sales through its mobile app, revealed today just how dominant its position has become even as it plots new features such as preordering. more »
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Nintendo's 3DS handheld game system. A new version, released in Japan this month, adds an NFC reader that can be used to accept payments.
Nintendo Co. Ltd. wants to expand the use of the Suica contactless card for small-value payments on its video game consoles. more »
Image: Bloomberg News
MasterCard President and CEO Ajay Banga
Apple Pay scooped up one million payment cards in its first 72 hours, 60% of which were Visa cards, but MasterCard's chief executive still expressed optimism for the payment network's chances in the rapidly shifting mobile landscape. more »
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Because of the conflicting messages from providers of mobile payments, consumers are not yet sold on the possibility that they can use apps to replace their plastic cards. more »
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The Merchant Customer Exchange is facing harsh scrutiny after some of its merchants shut off all Near Field Communication capabilities to show allegiance with the merchant mobile wallet over Apple Pay. more »
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Apple Pay was supposed to deliver a victory blow for Near Field Communication payments, but its launch seems to be doing as much damage as good for the cause of NFC. more »
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Some of the merchants involved in the Merchant Customer Exchange
The Merchant Customer Exchange is informing individuals and businesses involved in the testing the venture's CurrentC mobile payment system that "unauthorized third parties" have obtained some of their email addresses. more »
MasterCard plans to launch MasterPass, the card network's digital wallet, in Taiwan. more »
Image: Bloomberg News
Osama Bedier, founder and CEO of Poynt Co.
Poynt Co., a startup headed by former Google and PayPal executive Osama Bedier, is looking to take advantage of the EMV hardware upgrade schedule to entice merchants to switch to its new app-based payment terminal. more »
David Chang, chief operating officer for the PayPal Media Network.
Large payment companies, including PayPal, are increasingly using incubators and accelerators to learn about consumers and to nurture startups that might become partners. more »
The Softcard mobile wallet being used at a McDonald's terminal.
McDonald's is putting more promotional muscle behind Softcard, the telco-backed mobile wallet, at a time when Apple Pay is raising overall awareness of mobile payment technology. more »
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Alibaba founder Jack Ma (left) and Apple CEO Tim Cook
The "marriage" that Apple's CEO and Alibaba's founder are hinting at could create a mobile wallet with a global reach that well exceeds that of most banks, telcos and other mobile-wallet developers active in either company's home market. more »

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