Apple Pay's Missing a Big Piece. Can MasterCard Fill In?
Apple Pay has launched to considerable buzz, but the technology giant has done little to communicate where its new mobile wallet can be used, leaving its partners to fill the void.
MasterCard Nearby, an app that can locate nearby Apple Pay merchants
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Pamela Joseph, U.S. Bancorp's vice chair of payment services
U.S. Bank has been trying to get iPhones to make contactless payments for a long time, but most of its efforts didn't pan out. The launch of Apple Pay and the rapid advancement of mobile technology may breathe some new life into the bank's old ideas. more »
Michelle Thornton, manager of core products for CO-OP Financial Services.
Credit unions make up a substantial number of the financial institutions that have enrolled with Apple Pay, and some unofficial lists suggest the majority of early uptake is coming from credit unions. more »
Image: Bloomberg News
Online art marketplace Etsy is offering a mobile card reader, Sell on Etsy Reader, to its sellers for free, allowing them to transact in-person. more »
Image: Bloomberg News
Bank of America was quick to address an early issue with double-charging Apple Pay users, but the damage to consumers' perception of mobile payment technology may prove to be longer-lasting if more glitches occur. more »
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Yapital Financial, of Luxembourg, is partnering with Goodgame Studios to handle sales of virtual goods. more »
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PHOENIX – Rather than simply support Apple Pay, banks need to go a step further to develop their own mobile wallets that interact with merchants for rewards and offers. more »
Image: Bloomberg News
Scattered reports of double payments and failed transactions have begun to bubble to the surface after what initially looked like a relatively smooth introduction of Apple Pay. more »
Linda Mantia, executive vice president of cards and payment solutions, RBC
PHOENIX – There are two possible outcomes of the push for mobile payments: it could succeed, like Canada's rollout of chip and PIN; or it could fizzle, like its push for contactless cards. more »
Image: Bloomberg News
PHOENIX – Even though Apple has more than 500 banks lined up to support Apple Pay, including heavyweights like Bank of America and JPMorgan Chase, some bank executives are taking a decidedly defensive stance. more »
Matt Barr, head of emerging payments in the U.S. for MasterCard.
MasterCard is determined to take its tokenization technology for Apple Pay and spread the security method to many other payment products, including the card brand's own MasterPass digital wallet. more »
Image: Bloomberg News
PHOENIX – BBVA has had success in several markets with mobile wallets that blend Near Field Communication (NFC), loyalty and other technologies. But this week's launch of Apple Pay is challenging the bank to ensure its card app remains relevant. more »
Image: Bloomberg News
MasterCard is partnering with Major League Baseball Advanced Media to bring contactless payment acceptance to ballpark food and beverage concessions at this year's World Series. more »

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