14 First Impressions of Isis from Its Users

Anticipation Anticipation

Even before Isis launched its test, some people were reporting Isis sightings, such as a sticker on Utah transit hardware.

Activated Activated

One new Isis user told the world exactly when and where his Isis mobile wallet went live.

Let's Make a Deal Let's Make a Deal

The same user says the discounts Isis offers beat those found in Google Wallet.

Tech Troubles Tech Troubles

Another user's enrollment was not as smooth.

Merchant Mix-Up Merchant Mix-Up

The Isis directory lists merchants that accept contactless payments — including some that have never heard of Isis, as one user found out.

Galaxy a No-Go Galaxy a No-Go

Isis is available on nine phone models — but not the popular Samsung Galaxy S3 on Verizon's network, upsetting one Verizon Galaxy owner.

Apple Absent Apple Absent

It also doesn't work on the iPhone…

BlackBerry Blackout BlackBerry Blackout

…and BlackBerry users are also wondering where their Isis app is.

Taking Inventory Taking Inventory

When Isis announced its launch, it didn't name all the handsets it works with. An AT&T employee is helping inform his own customers.

Opening Day Opening Day

Verizon Wireless is doing its part by showing off its in-store display.

It Works! It Works!

One Isis user reports sweet success when buying candy at a 7-Eleven.

Long-Distance Love Long-Distance Love

An Isis fan in Ohio feels left out of the experience.

No End in Sight No End in Sight

Another long-distance Isis fan tries to find out when the trials will end. Isis isn't providing any answers.

Commercial Success Commercial Success

A few Twitter users commented on Isis' advertising campaign, which features elaborate TV commercials depicting the benefits of Isis' speed and security. In the ad pictured, Isis claims its system could have prevented the chaos at the checkout lane.

As Isis launched its long-awaited mobile wallet test in Salt Lake City and Austin, Texas, many people flocked to try it out — and quickly reported their impressions over Twitter.