9 Mobile-Wallet Black Friday Moments

(Image: ThinkStock)

Poor Reception Poor Reception

One shopper slams Sprint's Black Friday deal for not including Google's mobile wallet.

Warm Feeling Warm Feeling

One Isis user (at the urging of social marketing firm M80) used her mobile wallet to buy a new coat...

Cold Shoulder Cold Shoulder

...but had a hard time using Isis at several other merchants that were supposed to accept it.

PayPal's Push PayPal's Push

PayPal announced several new merchants just ahead of Black Friday. PayPal plans to have 20 merchants live with its digital wallet by yearend.

On-Target On-Target

Target is introducing a mobile-shopping system that lets users order products by scanning them in aisles with their phones. The products are then shipped to the shopper's home. (Image: Bloomberg News)

True Fan True Fan

In one instance, a mobile payment with Apple's Passbook and the Starbucks app was the highlight of a consumer's day.

Turkey Day Turkey Day

One shopper used Isis for her Thanksgiving shopping...

Watered Down Watered Down

...and another shopper had much less of an appetite.

Online Only Online Only

Bitcoin users had their own Black Friday earlier in the month. It attracted more buzz than actual spending. (Image: ThinkStock)

At the heart of many mobile wallets is a system for offering discounts, so these wallets seemed a natural fit for Black Friday shopping. Did they live up to their potential?