Square's Global Play: Merchants First, Hardware Later
Square is adding global support for its Register merchant services app, a move that allows the company to measure demand in new markets before investing in the distribution of its hardware and other services.
Image: Bloomberg News
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Image: Bloomberg News
Square CEO Jack Dorsey told CNN that his company wants to help businesses accept all payment forms, including Apple Pay. more »
Mobile payments provider iZettle is expanding into the Netherlands with its payments application, mobile card reader and business management software. more »
Image: Bloomberg News
Square, which made a short-lived attempt at digital gift cards in late 2012, is debuting a new gift card service today with a heavy emphasis on an older payment instrument: plastic. more »
The EMV chip-and-signature version of Square's mobile card reader, which it will sell for $29.
Square Inc. may have more incentive than other acquirers in urging merchant clients to accept EMV-chip cards, but its pricing strategy could deter some from adopting the secure technology. more »
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Remittance provider TelUPay is relying a local ATM network to reach the substantial remittance payments market in Indonesia. more »
Clover Mobile
The device, known as Clover Mobile, allows merchants to perform a variety of business functions, including scanning inventory and taking payments, using a mobile tablet. Earlier versions of Clover, called Clover Station, were designed to be affixed to a countertop. more »
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The Peterbrooke Chocolatier has a new recipe for mobile payments: it's blending Apple Pay with NCR's order-ahead and mobile point of sale technology to engage its customers in a new way. more »
Image: Bloomberg News
Osama Bedier, founder and CEO of Poynt Co.
Poynt Co., a startup headed by former Google and PayPal executive Osama Bedier, is looking to take advantage of the EMV hardware upgrade schedule to entice merchants to switch to its new app-based payment terminal. more »
Image: Bloomberg News
Online art marketplace Etsy is offering a mobile card reader, Sell on Etsy Reader, to its sellers for free, allowing them to transact in-person. more »
Image: Bloomberg News
Samsung Electronics has signed a global agreement with Bango to offer consumers direct mobile carrier billing options. more »
Image: Bloomberg News
American Express Co. is pulling new levers to build its business with small merchants and drive mobile wallet adoption, emphasizing its work with Apple Pay. more »
Image: Bloomberg News
The merchants and issuers invested in Apple Pay must maintain a strong emphasis on employee education — especially if the stakeholders want Apple's mobile wallet to avoid the fate of the many previous payment technologies that sought to displace plastic cards. more »

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