Dwolla Uses Email Address Routing to Speed Processing
Dwolla is expanding its direct bank transfer services to allow its account holders to send payments to a recipient's e-mail address for automatic routing to a bank account.
Jordan Lampe, director of communications and policy affairs for Dwolla
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Image: Bloomberg News
The mobile point of sale provider ShopKeep is releasing hardware that is compatible with Apple Pay's Near Field Communication payment system and EMV-chip cards. more »
Tony Gallippi, co-founder and execuitve chairman of Bitpay
Microsoft is working with Bitcoin merchant services provider BitPay to allow customers to seamlessly exchange the virtual currency when loading money into their Microsoft accounts. more »
Kevin Burke
?Square Inc. has hired former Visa marketing executive Kevin Burke to lead its customer acquisition initiatives in retail, paid, Web and events marketing channels.?? more »
Lisa Falzone, co-founder and CEO of Revel
Revel Systems plans to expand in Europe after securing a $1.2 million grant from Invest Northern Ireland. more »
Image: Bloomberg News
Square CEO Jack Dorsey told CNN that his company wants to help businesses accept all payment forms, including Apple Pay. more »
Image: Bloomberg News
Square is adding global support for its Register merchant services app, a move that allows the company to measure demand in new markets before investing in the distribution of its hardware and other services. more »
Mobile payments provider iZettle is expanding into the Netherlands with its payments application, mobile card reader and business management software. more »
Image: Bloomberg News
Square, which made a short-lived attempt at digital gift cards in late 2012, is debuting a new gift card service today with a heavy emphasis on an older payment instrument: plastic. more »
The EMV chip-and-signature version of Square's mobile card reader, which it will sell for $29.
Square Inc. may have more incentive than other acquirers in urging merchant clients to accept EMV-chip cards, but its pricing strategy could deter some from adopting the secure technology. more »
Image: ShutterStock
Remittance provider TelUPay is relying a local ATM network to reach the substantial remittance payments market in Indonesia. more »
Clover Mobile
The device, known as Clover Mobile, allows merchants to perform a variety of business functions, including scanning inventory and taking payments, using a mobile tablet. Earlier versions of Clover, called Clover Station, were designed to be affixed to a countertop. more »
Image: iStock
The Peterbrooke Chocolatier has a new recipe for mobile payments: it's blending Apple Pay with NCR's order-ahead and mobile point of sale technology to engage its customers in a new way. more »
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