BBVA Uses 'Android Strategy' to Manage Apple Pay Adoption
PHOENIX – BBVA has had success in several markets with mobile wallets that blend Near Field Communication (NFC), loyalty and other technologies. But this week's launch of Apple Pay is challenging the bank to ensure its card app remains relevant.
Image: Bloomberg News
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Harbortouch's restaurant mobile app
A big part of the EMV migration is awkward for restaurants in the U.S., but Apple Pay may ease the discomfort, said Harbortouch CEO Jared Isaacman. more »
Image: Thinkstock
Barry McCarthy has a number of new jobs First Data, giving him a wide view of the pressures facing payment processors in a world where massive volumes of plastic card swipes are no longer enough to ward off the competition. more »
Image: ShutterStock
A third of the veteran-owned businesses certified with the Veterans Administration are already First Data clients, and the processor is working to win over the other two-thirds. more »
Image: Bloomberg News
The merchants and issuers invested in Apple Pay must maintain a strong emphasis on employee education — especially if the stakeholders want Apple's mobile wallet to avoid the fate of the many previous payment technologies that sought to displace plastic cards. more »
Vin D’Agostino, VeriFone’s senior vice president of Global Commerce Enablement
VeriFone is planning to test taxi technology that links payments, marketing and special offers delivered to riders. more »
Image: Thinkstock
A future where consumers make payments with wearable devices is not far off, especially in Spain where CaixaBank is working with Gemalto to launch a contactless EMV payment wristband. more »
Sandeep Grover, head of product at GoDaddy
GoDaddy Operating Co. Llc has made a series of payments technology deals that are designed to give merchants an incentive to remain with the online domain name registrar. more »
Birdback's Nicolai Watzenig
London-based technology company Birdback is bringing its card-linking platform to the U.S., where card-linked offers have been gaining momentum for several years. more »

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