Amex Targets Gamers by Tying Rewards to Xbox Halo 4 Achievements

American Express Co. is seeking to lure gamers by awarding special deals to Xbox 360 players tied to their performance in the soon-to-be-released “Halo 4” video game.

Amex has partnered with Microsoft Corp.’s bestselling game franchise to introduce new interactive card benefits that unlock rewards and coupons based on how well players score.

“When you reach certain levels in the game, you are getting rewarded couponlessly and seamlessly,” said Leslie Berland, Amex’s senior vice president of digital partnerships and development. “It’s adding a totally new layer of value for playing Halo 4 on the platform.”

American Express credit- and charge-card customers will need to synchronize their accounts with their Xbox to win the offers, which include deals at Best Buy Co. and Currys PC World, as well as account credits of $25.