Financial Transmission Network Teams Up With ETran

Financial Transmission Network Inc., an Omaha, Neb.-based payment processor, is working with Unit4 Coda to offer receivables management that consolidates checks, single and recurring automated clearinghouse transactions, credit card payments, cash posting, and Web payment on the ETran Receivables Platform.

Once an employee enters receivables into ETran, the system posts payment data via a batch file import utility into Coda Financials financial management software, the firms said in a press release.

That automation saves time and money because the system imports only one file from a single platform instead of multiple systems, the companies said in the release. Clients can keep their banking and credit card relationships because the ETran platform works with any settlement.

“By partnering with Unit4 Coda, [Financial Transmission Network] can offer Coda clients a cost-effective and money-saving way to manage their receivables,” Doug Fisher, Financial Transmission Network executive vice president of software, said in the release. “ETran provides consolidation, agnostic settlement and posting of payment data into Coda Financials.”