Combase USA Signs On With Genius Platform


Merchant Warehouse, a Boston-based ISO, has certified Combase USA as an integrated partner on the Merchant Warehouse Genius ITX Customer Engagement Platform.

Merchants using Combase’s Genius-integrated Korona.pos Cloud can extend their value proposition and grow revenue by offering new and established customers payment acceptance flexibility, integrated loyalty and rewards and targeted advertising campaigns, Merchant Warehouse said in a press release.

The Genius Customer Engagement Platform helps merchant avoid turning away paying customers by giving merchants unlimited choice, unified security and open access, the release said.

With Genius, Combase Korona.pos Cloud, merchants simply select the payment options they would like to offer and Genius automatically equips the point-of-sale system with the merchant’s desired payment types.

“Today’s customers have different mobile payment preferences and new mobile acceptance types continue to hit the market creating a difficult situation for merchants,” Beth Williams, marketing and business development manager, Combase USA, said in the release. “Our integration with Genius immediately solves this problem for our customers.”

Instead of worrying about which mobile option to select, merchants now have a platform capable of accepting every mobile payment type while offering coupons and location-based deals that take advantage of mobile commerce, Williams said.



Merchants and consumers are more mindful of security than ever, but there is still much work to be done to educate them on how to protect account data and prepare for the shift to EMV-chip cards. Fortunately, the industry has help. The ETA, which recently appointed Wells Fargo exec Debra Rossi as its president, is welcoming more technology companies to its ranks to help members adapt to the shifting competitive landscape.