Staples to Sell NCR's iPad-Based Point of Sale System

For retailers, buying a new point of sale payment system is becoming as easy as buying a stapler or a sheaf of paper. Staples has begun selling several pieces of hardware revolving around NCR’s point of sale system called Silver.

That $499 package includes a cash register, a card reader, an iPad stand and a cash drawer. Bundled in the cost is a 30-day trial of the Silver service, which allows users to track sales, profits and inventory, as well as launch e-mail sales campaigns.

After the trial, that service costs a small business owner $79 a month.

Users will also need a separate processing agreement to accept card payments.

“The hardware is there to turn an iPad into a cash register,” says Chris Moreira, NCR’s general manager of Silver. “That’s where the hardware comes in. We can handle a mobile transaction, as well.”

Moreira says Duluth, Ga., company is mulling several partnerships that include sales efforts with merchant acquirers and other retailers.



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