Small Banks Shouldn't Pay for Retailers' Breach Mistakes
If there was any question about the need for Congress to modernize our nation’s data-security laws, the recent settlement negotiation between Target and MasterCard should put all doubts to rest.  more »
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Oink CEO Jo Webber
While young consumers do not have a past with legacy payments methods and are most open to new innovation, most new payment systems are not adequately focused on the youth market. more »
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In the payments industry, it can often seem like there is a new innovation every hour of every day. more »
Bill Nichols, CEO of AnywhereCommerce
In the payments industry, the common practice is to equate mobile merchants with micro merchants, and to put them on a back burner for things like EMV upgrades. more »
Powa CEO Dan Wagner
Apple Watch is and will continue to be a big hit for their loyal consumers, both in terms of sales and acclaim. But for payments, it's not what consumers are looking for now. more »
Austin Mills, an associate at Morris, Manning and Martin, LLP
Many payments companies face challenges from complex money transmitter laws that could be simplified if a pending change in North Carolina is adopted by other states. more »
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While unused credit largely hasn't been addressed in the U.S., in six countries—Brazil, Turkey, Argentina, Greece, Mexico and Israel—optimizing unused credit is enabling interest-free credit-card based installment plans. more »
Laurent Cremer, executive director of the OSPT Alliance
For many industries, the introduction of open standards has been a key driver for innovation. The rapid evolution of the internet and online services offer a vivid example of the degree to which open standards can enable immense innovation and growth. more »
Intrepid Ventures' Eric Grover
The celebration that accompanied China's loosening card regulations is premature. It's wishful thinking that Visa and MasterCard easily be able to capture a percentage of the humongous China market. more »
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The good news is that EMV is very effective at preventing the use of counterfeit credit/debit cards at the point of sale (POS), commonly referred to as card-present (CP) fraud. more »
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Since fraud liability shifts to the least compliant party after the network-mandated EMV migration dates, it is critical that financial institutions migrate all channels, including ATMs. more »
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Instant card issuance builds immediate value in the eyes of the consumer, and also helps them feel like a valued customer, potentially increasing their card usage rate and extending the longevity of the business relationship. more »
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A big problem holding back mobile payments is a "chicken-and-egg" issue that Apple Pay's U.S. rollout and pending debut in Europe can reverse. more »