A Look Ahead for Growth-Hungry ISOs in 2016
Between regulatory and competitive pressures, ISOs have a lot on their plate for 2016, particularly for the most growth-hungry companies. Here is some food for thought for ISOs as they plan their strategies for the year ahead:  more »
Square Inc., which started trading on Thursday after an initial public offering, is worth less than the valuation it got as a private company -- and some employees are hurting. more »
Black Friday will mark a new milestone this year, when mobile devices for the first time will account for about half of all online purchases during the first weekend of the holiday shopping frenzy, according to a new study. more »
Square is expanding its payroll offering to Florida. more »
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Square Inc. raised about a third less than it sought in its initial public offering as investors balked at a higher valuation for the mobile-payments service. more »
Revel's point of sale system installed at Cinnabon.
Despite many merchants' resistance to the EMV migration in the U.S., the chip-card technology can become more appetizing when it is baked into another item on the terminal maker's menu. more »
Merchants have long known card network rules permit them to charge a different price for accepting cash versus cards, but outside of gasoline retailers, most merchants haven’t done much about it. more »
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Square CEO Jack Dorsey
Within less than 12 hours, LoanDepot Inc., a fast-growing mortgage lender, aborted its plan to go public and Fitbit Inc., the maker of wearable devices, priced a secondary offering below the previous day’s close. more »
Pinnacle's Palm POS system
Gas stations have until 2017 to upgrade pumps for EMV chip-card acceptance, but first things first — the indoor point of sale at convenience stores at those stations were included in the October 2015 liability shift for merchants. more »
MasterCard is integrating software developer Cardtek’s HCEXpert solution to enable Near Field Communication-based mobile payments for customers of MasterCard Payment Transaction Services, a unit of MasterCard. more »
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Western Union has named Elizabeth Chambers as the company’s chief strategy and product officer. more »
Electronic payments technology provider Verifone has entered into an agreement to buy Payment as a Service provider InterCard AG. more »
Square Inc. is aiming for a valuation of as much as $4.2 billion in its initial public offering, well short of the $6 billion the mobile-payments service sought in its latest funding round. more »
Digital insurgents like Square and PayPal are becoming more of a threat to ISOs as they provide more complex services, including some that encroach on the merchant cash advance market. Plus, now that the EMV deadline has come and gone, who's ready and who's playing catch up?