ACHBanking Gateway Adds Foreign Money Transfer Screening
The ACHBanking payment processing gateway has added Office of Foreign Assets Control standards to its service to better comply with regulations for preventing fund transfers between parties on government watch lists.  more »
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The Square Payroll app, as demonstrated by 3 Steves Winery in California.
In an effort to appeal to more businesses by helping them manage their employees, Square has launched Square Payroll. more »
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Retailers increasingly prefer software to execute fast point of sale updates, leading longtime hardware provider NCR to use a centralized digital hub to help merchants avoid the cost and time of 'rip and replace' projects. more »
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Citigroup has agreed to acquire Brooks Brothers' credit card portfolio and issue cards on behalf of the clothing retailer. more »
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While nobody knows what technology entrepreneur and payments executive Jack Dorsey will do next, a series of circumstances are making Twitter a possible permanent move. more »
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Digital payments company Payveris and credit union support company EPL have jointly announced an electronic bill payment product. more »
Regalii provides remittance services for local stores in Upper Manhattan
In Washington Heights, a small startup has found a new opportunity by building a business to business platform to serve the numerous storefront remittance providers in the largely Latin American neighborhood in Upper Manhattan. more »
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To address the impact of American Express President Ed Gilligan's death in May, the card network has changed some executive roles and revised its internal corporate structure. more »
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Although it's been widely suspected that merchant EMV compliance will be low in October when the liability shift deadline kicks in, a new Javelin Strategy & Research report is projecting as many as 75% of all merchants will not make the deadline. more »
London-based Currency Cloud has closed out a Series C funding round, attracting $18 million from new and existing investors. more »
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The U.S. likely didn't need an extra shove to adopt an international payment messaging standard vital to a faster payments network but, just in case, the U.K.'s Payments Council is making it easier to do so. more »
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Green Dot late Monday announced a five-year renewal of a prepaid card contract with Walmart, though the retail giant will get a larger share of revenue. more »
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Payments technology provider Global Payments Inc. is formally launching American Express' OptBlue small business suite in Canada, providing fuel for Amex's recovery from the loss of Costco's cobranded card business. more »
Merchants and consumers are more mindful of security than ever, but there is still much work to be done to educate them on how to protect account data and prepare for the shift to EMV-chip cards. Fortunately, the industry has help. The ETA, which recently appointed Wells Fargo exec Debra Rossi as its president, is welcoming more technology companies to its ranks to help members adapt to the shifting competitive landscape.