Mobile Capture Firm Mitek Acquires KYC Provider IDchecker
San Diego-based Mitek, a firm that specializes in capturing mobile data for customer acquisition, has acquired Dutch identity verification company IDchecker.  more »
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Merchants expect that payment card fraud will migrate to e-commerce as the U.S. gets more protection at the physical point of sale through EMV chip cards. That means chargebacks, already a problem in physical retail, will escalate in e-commerce as well. more »
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Identity thieves stole information on 104,000 U.S. taxpayers from the IRS website and used the data to file fake tax returns that yielded as much as $50 million in refunds, agency Commissioner John Koskinen said. more »
A frame from ShopKeep's TV spot, depicting a business owner's frustration at learning about the EMV fraud liability shift.
One of the more difficult challenges of the U.S. EMV conversion is getting the word out, especially given the urgency of the October deadline the card networks set for a fraud liability shift. more »
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IdentityMind Global has upgraded its fraud prevention and risk management software to enable real-time monitoring of e-commerce fraud and money-laundering attempts at financial institutions. more »
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The state has moved against the Embassy Suites hotel chain after one of its hotels was breached, affecting about 17 customers. more »
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Japan's NTT Docomo has become the first mobile network operator to join the Fast IDentity Online Alliance's board of directors. more »
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Alibaba has started using a modified version of a QR code to fight counterfeit fraud and enable individualized marketing. And the payments potential for such an offering is huge, delivering something akin to a non-wireless version of item-level RFID. more »
The proposed $19 million settlement to cover financial institutions' losses from the Target data breach in 2013 has failed, and financial institutions believe public data security fears provide a strong hand in future talks. more »
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If there was any question about the need for Congress to modernize our nation’s data-security laws, the recent settlement negotiation between Target and MasterCard should put all doubts to rest. more »
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Online payments are an unintended soft spot resulting from the EMV point of sale migration, creating an opening for security technology vendors to combat the emerging cybercrime threats. more »
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The Fast Identity Online Alliance has established its FIDO Certified testing program for products and services that support the alliance's security specifications. more »
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ATMs have long been a target of fraudsters hoping to steal a large amount of card data from unsuspecting consumers, and the problem looks like it can only get worse before it gets better. more »