Fraudsters Have an EMV Bypass Plan in Place
Fraudsters are quickly developing a way to sidestep EMV-chip security ahead of the U.S. card networks' October 2015 deadline for adopting the technology.
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Some of the merchants involved in the Merchant Customer Exchange
The Merchant Customer Exchange is informing individuals and businesses involved in the testing the venture's CurrentC mobile payment system that "unauthorized third parties" have obtained some of their email addresses. more »
MasterCard's Bob Reany
Even after partnering with MasterCard, Zwipe has a long journey ahead before its contactless cards with fingerprint authentication see mass adoption. But the high-tech cards have the potential to suppress fraud and deter security breaches beyond what traditional EMV-chip cards can do. more »
Martin Ferenczi, president of the North American Region for Oberthur Technologies.
With the EMV migration in the U.S. in full swing, fraud is making its own migration to card-not-present (CNP) transactions, and one way to thwart the fraudsters is a digitized card security code—provided the technology can be produced for a mass audience. more »
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Even though U.S. merchants and acquirers have known about the looming deadline for EMV-chip card adoption for three years, their progress has been slow. more »
Matt Barr, head of emerging payments in the U.S. for MasterCard.
MasterCard is determined to take its tokenization technology for Apple Pay and spread the security method to many other payment products, including the card brand's own MasterPass digital wallet. more »
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Google will enhance its verification system for accounts by supporting identity standards developed by FIDO (Fast Identity Online), an industry alliance that aims to increase operability between authentication technology systems. more »
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Staples Inc., the world’s largest office-supply chain, is investigating a potential breach of customer credit-card data, becoming the latest retailer to confront a threat from hackers in recent months. more »
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A few hours into Apple Pay's Oct. 20 launch, Apple CEO Tim Cook promised the company was not looking to exploit its payments data. more »

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