EMV's Web Security Gap Drives ACI's Purchase of ReD
As the U.S. shifts to EMV-chip cards to improve security at the point of sale, fraud will move online, and ACI Worldwide is preparing for that challenge. The payment technology company's $205 million purchase of ReD will help it close up vulnerabilities in card-not-present transactions.
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Entersekt Co-Founder Christiaan Brand
Security breaches at trusted global corporations, such as Target and eBay are becoming a regular occurrence. Valuable customer data serves as a new currency of sorts for fraudsters, prompting the digital underground to stage well thought out attacks on a scale previously unheard of. more »
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The Justice Department's Operation Choke Point isn't really about combatting fraud, says Jason Oxman, CEO of the Electronic Transactions Association. Federal regulators simply don't like high-risk merchants, such as payday lenders and guns dealers, he says. more »
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John Donahoe, CEO, eBay
eBay's two most "extraordinary events" from the first half of the year were a now-resolved conflict with activist investor Carl Icahn and a cyber-attack that created financial headwinds. It is not yet actively searching for a new PayPal president. more »
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ProPay, a subsidiary of the processor Total System Services (TSYS), is working with ThreatMetrix to offer fraud prevention technology to its customers. more »
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Security breaches exposing consumers' personal information are becoming larger and more frequent in New York, costing businesses more than $1.37 billion last year, the state attorney general's office said. more »
Stephen Brunetto, director of product management, Trustwave
Trustwave is promising to stop any data hacking attempts against a client made through a Web browser, but the tradeoff is the client has to give Trustwave hands-on control of its Web security. more »
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Apple Inc. has not joined the Faster IDentity Online Alliance and its quest for more secure online authentication, but the technology giant has played a significant role in helping develop the foundation for new standards. more »
Wallaby's Scott Grimes
Wallaby Financial has hired Scott Grimes to be senior vice president of risk and operations, a new position for Wallaby, which sells mobile and web-based payment marketing. more »

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