As Visa and MasterCard Push for Tokenization, Some Will Push Back
While Visa and MasterCard aren't yet applying the same level of pressure for tokenization security as they are for EMV-chip cards, the card networks' CEOs are clear that this technology is their new expectation for e-commerce.
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Apple Pay's Touch ID is the exception, not the rule. Biometric security typically requires some type of add-on hardware, a model that has struggled to get much adoption over the years. more »
Monica Eaton-Cardone, CIO of Global Risk Technologies
The next year will be huge for fraud and security in retail. Most concern around risk management for the year ahead is focussed on system security and fraud management, which is crucial to today's transactions. more »
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Many companies are fed up with passwords, but the next step isn't so clear. Biometric authentication is winning favor, but LiveEnsure contends there is a less intrusive way to verify identity. more »
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Data breaches have hit many retailers hard over the past year or so, and Stage Stores is doing everything it can to make sure customer payment data can't be exposed. more »
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The processor Total System Services Inc. has entered into an agreement with terminal maker Ingenico to support a wide range of payment types, including magnetic stripe, EMV, Near Field Communication and Apple Pay. more »
Arroweye CEO Render Dahiya
There are less than 300 days left until the liability shift for US credit and debit card payments occurs, but it appears that consumers and their credit and debit card issuers are not exactly on the same page when it comes to the sense of urgency around making EMV-enabled payment technology a reality. more »
Barclaycard's Nick Kerigan predicts Apple Pay will scale faster than other models because Apple controls the hardware and other factors.
Even though Apple Pay hasn't yet launched in the U.K., experts in the EMV-compliant nation are eager to bring over Apple's mobile wallet to improve card-not-present security. more »
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The upcoming Apple Watch, which does not have a built-in fingerprint reader for Touch ID authentication, will use a four-digit passcode to engage Apple Pay for mobile payments. more »
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