Mobile Capture Firm Mitek Acquires KYC Provider IDchecker
San Diego-based Mitek, a firm that specializes in capturing mobile data for customer acquisition, has acquired Dutch identity verification company IDchecker.  more »
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David Bozin, vice president of growth development for Bindo
The use of e-commerce payments technology as a portal to other business services is advancing rapidly, requiring point of sale companies to constantly add new tools that merchants and developers can use to add muscle to transaction venues. more »
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One of the stumbling blocks with the global expansion of digital wallets is the resistance to payment cards in many countries, including India, China and Brazil, notes Forrester Research in a recent report. more »
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U.S. acquirers are looking to expand their business in emerging markets, where small merchants are starting to enter the commercial framework. more »
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China UnionPay Co. introduced the nation’s first wearable payment product as the giant of the Chinese industry moves to defend its turf from other service providers. more »
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Visa and MasterCard's support for host card emulation (HCE) is a boost for mobile pay, though there are still security concerns. more »
A frame from ShopKeep's TV spot, depicting a business owner's frustration at learning about the EMV fraud liability shift.
One of the more difficult challenges of the U.S. EMV conversion is getting the word out, especially given the urgency of the October deadline the card networks set for a fraud liability shift. more »
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IdentityMind Global has upgraded its fraud prevention and risk management software to enable real-time monitoring of e-commerce fraud and money-laundering attempts at financial institutions. more »
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Japan's NTT Docomo has become the first mobile network operator to join the Fast IDentity Online Alliance's board of directors. more »
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Visa Europe is opening an innovation hub in Tel Aviv, just weeks after opening its Visa Europe Collab in London. more »
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Alibaba has started using a modified version of a QR code to fight counterfeit fraud and enable individualized marketing. And the payments potential for such an offering is huge, delivering something akin to a non-wireless version of item-level RFID. more »
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Canada’s Beck Taxi has launched a new app that accepts PayPal and card payments and is designed to compete with Uber and Lyft in Canada’s largest city. more »
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Hundreds of banks are supporting Apple Pay, but the cost is sparking a counter movement toward financial institutions operating their own wallets. more »