PayPal Ending App Support for Windows, BlackBerry, Amazon Fire
PayPal next month will launch a new mobile app for its iOS and Android users, but anyone using the PayPal app designed for Windows Phone, BlackBerry or the Amazon Fire handset is out of luck.  more »
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Smartphones are an important window into understanding underbanked customers, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. said in a report released Wednesday in conjunction with a meeting of the agency's advisory committee on economic inclusion. more »
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In the battle among banks to make use of blockchain, Banco Santander SA’s U.K. unit said it’s first among British lenders to use the technology for global payments. more »
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For a customer to switch from a tried and true payment method to a new one, the provider must be able to offer a unique payment experience which offers concrete and obvious advantages like top-level security, unique rewards and unprecedented agility. For these reasons, the Merchant Customer Exchange's retailer-led mobile payments initiative CurrentC was bound to fail. more »
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Apple Pay reached its sixth country last month when American Express extended it to customers in Singapore, and now banks issuing MasterCard and Visa products are adding its support as well. more »
"Prepaid cards have a fantastic opportunity here. It is one of the few financial products that anybody can get," said Chuck Harris, president of NetSpend.
As more mobile apps and businesses push plastic payments to the background, they also give prepaid card accounts a chance to reclaim the spotlight. more »
The newer, EMV-compatible version of TableSafe's Rail.
When TableSafe launched in 2011 under the name Viableware, it was a simpler time in payments technology and the company had a simpler product to offer — a tablet-like check holder that lets customers complete card payments without leaving the table. more »
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Wells Fargo & Co. has joined the growing ranks of banks that are building their own branded mobile wallets, pressuring other financial institutions to act quickly to keep pace. more »
Visa’s efforts to shed cash payments in Dubai and surrounding regions includes getting an early jump on new innovation, and it hopes a new development hub will serve as a focal point for local developers. more »
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Robots aren't yet coming to take over, but they will be taking orders — and MasterCard payments — at a handful of Pizza Hut locations in Asia. more »
Digital transformation goes beyond digitizing processes like payments or other financial services. more »
While the current phase of the U.S. chip card migration is still far from the finish line, attention is turning to the 'next' EMV migration at gas stations, which figures to be just as challenging. more »
With the rise of online card fraud and the availability of new EMV and encryption technology, a San Mateo, Calif.-based startup sees an opportunity to combine these new tools with a card reader called Chip Shield. more »