Payments Professionals Want a Better Understanding of AI: Report
Artificial intelligence could help make the payment process more efficient — if those in the payments industry understood how AI works.  more »
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While Russian authorities are still trying to define the legal status of bitcoin, the virtual currency has found use in Moscow in the lobby of the country’s biggest bank. more »
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Samsung Electronics Co. opened a branch of its early-stage technology investment program in Tel Aviv to better tap into the innovative engineering for which Israel is known. more »
"The volumes of contractor payments has increased dramatically and the global diversity of those payments has exploded," said Dovi Frances, founder of SGVC.
The prevailing accounts payable model simply can't handle the sharing economy (also called the "gig economy"), according to Dovi Frances, who's putting cash and influence behind that theory. more »
Six global banks have formed a standards-setting group for using distributed ledger technology developed by Ripple. more »
Payza, the online payment gateway, is launching direct credit card processing to online businesses and merchants in Europe. more »
"The key here is the ubiquity. Users from any bank can reach anyone else with a same-day payment because of these new clearing and settlement windows," said Janet Estep, president and CEO of Nacha.
Starting today, banks and credit unions will get two extra chances every 24 hours to handle Automated Clearing House (ACH) credit payments. But by itself, same-day speed may not be enough to meet the demands of an increasingly digital world. more »
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Walmart's new pact with JPMorgan Chase is anything but routine. From the perspective of Walmart, this deal hands it a long-desired holy grail: less expensive Visa transactions. more »
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Mastercard's HomeSend joint venture is partnering with the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia to provide more than 100 million Ethiopians the ability to send funds directly to any mobile number in the country. more »
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The Clearing House has selected hardware from IBM to help build the real-time payments system scheduled to roll out in 2017. more »
Automating accounts payable (AP) and payments is not high on the IT list of new ventures, but business growth can result in a paper glut. more »
Bashas' Inc., Arizona's largest independent grocery chain, was certain it was prepared for the October 2015 EMV liability shift. After all, it had begun purchasing terminals for all of its 1,400 checkout lanes a year in advance. more »
Investors no longer view carrier billing as a niche product, and are providing the means to push the concept into new geographic markets. more »