Rambus has provided the data technology under the hood of Nintendo and PlayStation games since the 1990s, and later became a global token service provider. The next logical progression is mobile payments.
  • PayThink Payment companies aren't taking advantage of AI's testing strength

    By investing in next generation strategies and shifting their mindsets about testing, organizations can better safeguard and control the payments process, providing a more reliable customer experience and better protecting one of their most important assets—their reputations, writes Steve Gilde, a director at Paragon Application Systems.
  • PayThink Artificial intelligence is pushing the boundaries for customer experience

    AI technologies can satisfy the growing demand for real-time, self-service experiences in a variety of ways, from supporting more voice-enabled payments and transactions to automating complex decision making and product recommendations, writes Marc West, chief technology officer at Fiserv.
  • Google Pay plants roots for a much-needed social element in Android Pay

    Google launched its Google Pay app for Android devices Tuesday, probably confusing millions of people globally who already used Android Pay. But the change is more than just in the branding.

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