Even in 2018, when mobile commerce and mobile point of sale are commonplace, fintechs are able to find plenty of niches stuck in the past.
  • PayThink Fraudsters are winning, and issuers' reputations are hurting

    By failing to protect their customers’ data, financial institutions and others in the payments ecosystem are risking trust, the most important currency they have, writes David Barnhardt, executive vice president of product at GIACT.
  • Data: Is blockchain a runaway train?

    It would appear that momentum is continuing unabated for blockchain projects and ICOs (initial coin offerings), as the potential for blockchain continues to be realized.
  • 02.22.18 Your morning briefing

    The information you need to start your day, from PaymentsSource and around the Web. Today: Venezuela's virtual currency debuts; Crowdsourcing for Square readers in Boston; Tinder's security gap; Samsung Pay gains ground in Australia.

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