As the banking industry moves closer to adopting a faster payments system, bank executives have begun to think through the impact it will have on clients and banks themselves.

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  • A strategy to halt holiday payments fraud comes in layers

    Michael Lynch

    Michael Lynch

    Chief Strategy Officer
    By employing a multilayered approach to mobile security that combines device authentication with the latest user identification measures, retailers can establish maximum trust not only with their users, but also in the device being used to transact with them, writes Michael Lynch, chief strategy officer for InAuth.
  • 'Invisibility' is the holy grail of user experience

    Joseph Daly

    Merchants’ fates are inextricably linked to what customers want. So, as they continue to embrace frictionless experiences, merchants are under mounting pressure to deliver or risk losing out, writes Joseph Daly, COO of North American Payment Processing for Paysafe.
  • Blockchain's a bold new weapon to battle data breaches

    Alexander Koles

    Alexander Koles

    Evolve Capital Partners
    The advent of blockchain technology may prove to be disruptive to traditional credit reporting agencies by decentralizing data aggregation and allowing consumers to take ownership of their data through a personalized wallet they could share with prospective lenders, writes Alexander Koles, CEO, founder and managing director of Evolve Capital Partners.
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  • Research Report Deposit Costs: How Long Can Banks Hold Out?

    Rising short-term rates have so far been a boon for bank profitability. But technology has made it is easier than ever for customers to migrate their funds, which means the battle for highly-valued core deposits is likely to heat up. Here's a look at how bank executives plan to contend for their share of the market.
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