More everyday products are becoming connected devices, including refrigerators, washing machines and even mirrors. As each household item evolves, companies are eager to transform them into channels for shopping.

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  • Magazine ISO&Agent January/February 2017

    After the holiday sales rush, retailers are looking to upgrade their point of sale technology. This month's issue looks at the trends shaping these investments. To get the magazine, please contact Customer Service at or 212-803-8500
  • Research Report Cross Selling: What's Really Going On?

    Cross-selling is at a critical juncture. One of the virtually undisputed pillars of bank profitability, the practice of graduating a single-product consumer into a "relationship" covering the full breadth of his or her financial services needs, has abruptly found its way into the regulatory cross-hairs.
  • Research Report Fintech 2017: Shifting Budgets and Priorities

    SourceMedia Research surveyed executives to assess their plans for overall spending and delve into the opportunities and risks that bankers are seeking to address with their 2017 budgets. What emerges from the response set is an image of an industry that continues to allocate ever more resources to modernization. The survey does suggest, however, a deceleration in the rate of spending growth.
  • Magazine ISO&Agent November/December 2016

    EMV payment hardware is no longer in high demand among merchants. But if EMV isn't selling, what is? This month's issue takes a look at the technologies ISOs are finding to be the most in demand. To get the magazine, please contact Customer Service at or 212-803-8500
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