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Coronavirus coverage
MoneyGram International's digital transformation came at just the right time, considering walk-in traffic at MoneyGram locations in certain regions of the world was stymied for months by the coronavirus pandemic. But for many people, digital is still no replacement for the human touch.
July 31
Cash usage dropped much lower due to the coronavirus pandemic, and it appears that credit cards may be exhibiting some signs of abandonment as well.
July 31
Apple Card helped push services-category revenue to new heights for Apple, which reported double-digit growth in its product and services segments for the third quarter of 2020.
July 30
Mastercard reported a sharp decline in payments in its most recent quarter, but some digital seeds it planted before the coronavirus pandemic are already bearing fruit.
July 30
The company's results put firm numbers on one of the most discussed business trends of the pandemic economy — the acceleration of digital payments.
July 29
Remitly has raised $85 million in its latest fundraising round, valuing the company at $1.5 billion as the COVID-19 pandemic drives consumers to increasingly send remittances digitally.
July 29
The coronavirus outbreak has caused economic activity to crater, and Visa says its focus on services, partnerships and e-commerce has provided stability and a route to growth.
July 28
Republicans and Democrats are negotiating a new coronavirus stimulus package, but there’s still no law on the books designed to erase the problems that prevented many stimulus payments from getting directly to recipients.
July 28
Bill Clerico created WePay during the last financial crisis, and sees a similar opportunity now. The coronavirus pandemic is affecting different markets in vastly different ways, and easing the flow of capital is just one way to provide help.
July 28
Checkout-free stores still feel experimental, but the coronavirus pandemic is pushing more retailers to contemplate how to reduce human interaction in larger settings.
July 27
Data Sets
Arizent, the parent company of PaymentsSource, has released a broad industry survey on both the impact of the crisis and emerging responses. The survey found the pandemic has forced many companies to implement new or modified business continuity plans, appoint executive response teams and invest in new technologies to enable a remote workforce. The pandemic is also expected to lead to a greater investment in technologies that reduce the reliance on face-to-face interactions for both coworkers and clients.
March 26
The COVID-19-induced shock to the world’s largest economy has created a rush of interest in the subscription industry, as millions of captive consumers with almost nowhere to go and plenty of time — and for those employed, plenty of unspent money — on their hands.
July 22
The coronavirus pandemic has cast a shadow over the use of cash, which is often perceived as dirty because it frequently changes hands and is almost never washed.
July 17
Traditionally, consumers take summer vacations to recharge from the hustle and bustle of daily life, as well as to reconnect with families and friends, before moving on to the next phase of their lives such as the restart of schools or going back to work – but not this year.
July 10
Amazon's Dash devices were an early, blunt take on the internet of things. But over the years Amazon has gradually phased out its Dash product line in favor of voice-based Alexa shopping and other alternatives.
June 26
The murder of George Floyd shocked the national psyche to its core, spotlighting the persistent, systemic racism that exists in many American institutions, which continues to disenfranchise those who live within the Black community.
June 19
The immediate lockdown of the nation’s economy in response to attempts to flatten the coronavirus infection curve has had a widespread impact on the revenues of all businesses, particularly small ones that are more susceptible to economic disruptions.
June 11
The global coronavirus outbreak has up-ended daily life for many consumers, including where they shop and how they pay for things. The U.K. is no exception, as issues of health and hygiene have now been introduced as important factors when it comes to both planned and impulse shopping.
June 2
The modern mobile wallet no longer uses a card as a crutch. Instead, it sees it as an additional product that can add revenue from interchange, lending and loyalty.
May 29
Unlike past economic recessions where businesses and consumers have had to adjust their payment habits and debt levels over the course of months or quarters as the economy shrank, the coronavirus-induced economic crisis has forced many to make much more abrupt financial adjustments.
May 21
The Latest
The coronavirus pandemic has greatly disrupted many people's cashflow, and made financial management much more stressful. Earned wage access is one way to provide relief to those who still have an income but find themselves financially strained. PaymentsSource senior analyst Michael Moeser talks about earned wage access with Safwan Shah, the founder and CEO of Payactiv, a company that's operated in this space for nearly a decade.
July 28
Eric Grover, principal at Intrepid Ventures, talks to PaymentsSource senior editor Kate Fitzgerald about how the high-flying German fintech fell to scandal — and whether it could happen again.
July 21
Derek Webster, founder and CEO of the mobile point of sale provider CardFlight, talks with Daniel Wolfe, editor-in-chief of PaymentsSource, about the data CardFlight collects on small-business spending, which it updates every week during the coronavirus pandemic.
July 14
Nandan Sheth, Fiserv's global head of digital commerce, talks to PaymentsSource Associate Editor David Heun about the unprecedented challenge of bringing businesses into the digital age in an environment where many are adapting only out of necessity.
July 7
Tia Ilori, Senior Director of global fraud and breach investigations at Visa, joins us to talk with Michael Moeser, PaymentsSource's senior analyst, about the new attacks and fraud trends that have emerged since the start of the pandemic.
June 30