Jody P.  Kahn

Jody P. Kahn

At John Burns Real Estate Consulting, Jody is the contact that clients call with questions about housing conditions at the national, regional or metro level. She leads a monthly survey of homebuilding executives regarding current market conditions, and analyzes the results to tell clients and survey participants about improving or deteriorating market conditions by region and metro. She also speaks to her extensive industry contacts across the nation each month, for more color on local housing and economic conditions, and leads a monthly call with housing experts around the country reporting on local conditions. Jody is frequently quoted in national and housing industry publications, including the Wall Street Journal, Thomson Reuters and Builder Magazine.Jody worked on over 85 closed mergers and acquisition, joint ventures and initial public offerings transaction, raising over $5 billion in capital for homebuilders with Michael P. Kahn & Associates. She has become an expert on mergers and acquisitions in the housing sector, with over 20 years of experience, and has worked with most of the public builders as well as many privates. Jody previously worked with a pension fund advisor and commercial loan brokerage in San Diego, where she helped place commercial loans and funded construction and permanent loans from three construction pension funds. She also worked with two real estate information companies in Houston, developing online and electronic reports when printed reports were the industry norm, and worked as a commercial/industrial loan analyst in Houston in the early 80’s, as that market succumbed to a deep and protracted recession. Jody earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics at the University of Houston and substantially completed a Masters degree in Finance at the same University.John Burns Real Estate Consulting is a national source of housing and economic research, advice and consulting. The highly qualified team analyzes hundreds of variables each month at the national, regional and metro levels, addressing the new home, resale and apartment markets and a variety of economic variables. In addition, members of the team monitor and analyze national topics and advise clients on the impacts of policy changes. John Burns Real Estate Consulting also has an active consulting practice working with investors, lenders, builders and developers. The experienced consulting team has been very busy analyzing portfolios of assets and loans, assisting in lender workouts, repositioning subdivisions using lifestage analysis and supporting acquisitions of distressed assets.