Robert  Kleiber

Robert Kleiber

Robert Kleiber is currently serving as the National Director of Small Business Banking for Citibank North America. �Rob has been in banking for 19 years, beginning his career with Citibank in 1995.� After spending two years in branch based sales, Rob transitioned into Finance. �His roles have varied between senior accounting and finance positions to overseeing the expense, revenue and financial reporting teams. �Rob has spent a majority of his career serving as Chief Financial Officer for the Small Business and Commercial Banking divisions within Citi.� Prior to his current position, Rob served as the Chief Financial Officer for the Consumer Banking network within the East Region.Currently, Rob is responsible for sales, strategy and overall execution for the banking segment focusing on small businesses with annual sales of up to five million dollars.� Citi operates over 900 branches throughout the United States.� Rob graduated from Dowling College with a degree in Finance & Political Science and resides with his family in Long Island, New York. �