Rodman Reef

Managing Principal, Reef Karson Consulting, LLC
Rodman Reef 2
Rodman Reef is a consultant specializing in the global payment business. His recent work covered payments strategy, chip (EMV) cards, retail POS systems, prepaid cards, money transfer, global ACH, ecommerce payments, and best practices for debit and credit card processing. Rod is the retired Chairman and CEO of Citishare Corporation, a Citigroup subsidiary and a global payments company. During his tenure, Citishare expanded to more than 50 countries, FX income became an important revenue stream, volume increased significantly, unit costs were reduced more than 50%, and several innovative products were introduced including real-time money transfers, mobile phone payments, pre-paid card access, cross-border in-branch access, etc. Before joining Citishare, Rod held several systems and operating positions at Citigroup and was a professor at NYU. He also worked for the U.S. Congress where he wrote sections of the bill that reorganized the U.S. House of Representatives and did the first automated legal retrieval for a Congressional committee. Rod is or has been a board member or advisor to NYCE, The Clearing House, Visa, the EFTA, Cirrus, Maestro and several young payment companies. Rod received B.S. and M.S. engineering degrees from Columbia University.