Industry Innovation Lunch
12:45pm - 1:45pm

The State of Identity Fraud in 2018

Identity fraud is skyrocketing and fraudsters are becoming increasingly sophisticated in how they carry out this crime. Because identity fraud never stops evolving, it presents tremendous challenges for financial institutions and their customers.

In this session, Kevin King, Director of Product Marketing for ID Analytics, will cover the trends and methodologies behind the fraud threats facing U.S. card issuers in 2018. He will define and characterize the different modes of identity fraud both at account opening and during account life, such as synthetic fraud, fraud rings, and authorized user fraud.

Attendees will learn about emerging best practices and solutions for keeping pace with identity fraudsters – allowing enterprises to protect their business while safeguarding the customer experience.

This session is available to all attendees. Please sign up for this session when you check in with the Card Forum registration desk.