The Changing Dynamics of Consumer Behavior And Performance In The Card Market

3:00 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.
Consumer behavior is more dynamic than ever with changing preferences, healthy credit demand and greater access. It is crucial for card issuers to understand how cardmembers perform on cards issued by different issuers serving this market. While national card issuers dominate overall market share, regional banks are focused on winning a larger wallet share of cardmembers they serve within their footprint. Credit unions have begun to prioritize value proposition to monetize on loyalty within their membership base. And, finance companies continue to gain momentum from serving higher-risk consumer segments, who need credit.

In this session, we will uncover consumer insights around the following questions that issuers need to address:
  • What underwriting trends do we observe for different issuer segments (national, regional, credit unions and finance companies) within different credit score bands serving the card market?
  • How different are the account management strategies, in terms of credit line assignments, line utilization and wallet share, for these specific card issuers?
  • How does credit performance differ for these different issuers serving the credit card market? What are the underlying drivers of credit performance within recent vintages?