Eric Kraus

VP and GM of Fraud Management, FIS Payments
Eric Kraus (FIS).jpg
Eric Kraus is Line of Business Executive responsible for card fraud management operations, analytics, and business systems development within FIS Payments. FIS provides numerous fraud risk mitigation solutions designed to simplify fraud management for client partners, all while protecting the assets of financial institutions and cardholders alike. The vast majority of client issuing partners utilize FIS for fully outsourced fraud management servicing. Under this service model, FIS handles all aspects of fraud trend identification, optimization analysis, strategy deployment, cardholder contact and related account status management.

Eric has been with FIS for 17 years and has held various management roles within Fraud Product and Merchant Risk Acquiring teams prior to leading the card fraud management team for the past 6 years. He has hosted and participated in numerous industry panels and focus groups throughout his career focusing specifically on risk mitigation fundamentals, data analytics strategy and opportunities to maximize profitability while intelligently preventing losses. Eric resides in the Tampa Bay area with support teams based in St Petersburg FL and Milwaukee WI.