Join Jordan James from Zodaka and Jontae James of NatureTrak for a conversation with Michael Moeser from PaymentsSource, on this critical issue that is exploding at a national level.

Our panel will discuss the implications of what forced-cash reliance means to businesses, governments and law enforcement agencies as well explore current and possible future payment innovations that may address this problem.

Date & Time
Thursday, Nov. 14, 2019
Time: 2:00 p.m. EST

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Discussion Agenda

• State governments such as Colorado earn more tax revenues from cannabis than alcohol. What are states doing to alleviate the cash-only burden on dispensaries?

• Does the allowance of electronic payments for CBD create any risks that recreational and medical grade cannabis purchases will be run on those systems?

• Can digital payments solve for transparency and security risks in the cannabis producing and retail industry?

• If the legal U.S. cannabis industry could process payments using Visa, Mastercard. American Express — as it does in Canada today — what impact would it have on growth?

Jordan Friedman, Zodaka
Jordan, co-founder and president of Zodaka, serves as the in-house visionary guiding product development while building a business strategy to alleviate the difficulties of money movement and simplifying financial services. His mission in founding Zodaka is to help consumers and business owners that are financially underserved and exploited by providing them with better financial options.
Jontae James, NatureTrak
Jontae is the CEO of NatureTrak, a risk management platform build specifically for the unique needs of the cannabis industry. Jontae is an innovative entrepreneur, big on creating enterprise solutions that address real world problems. Jontae has over 15 years in government and enterprise SaaS sales and marketing. Prior to NatureTrak, he was Co-founder of Bluntli, a digital licensing platform in the cannabis industry and has led a boutique venture capital organization’s sales and marketing for early-stage start-ups.
Michael Moeser, PaymentsSource
Michael is an Austin, Texas-based senior analyst for PaymentsSource. He has over 25 years of payments and consulting industry experience working in executive roles at Visa, Capital One, McKinsey, Javelin Strategy, and Ondot Systems.
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