Five Ways Women are Delivering on the Leadership Promise

It’s been proven time and again that women look at problems differently than male counterparts. It’s part of what makes balanced teams critical to the success of any organization. Women leaders, in particular, demonstrate heightened communication skills, a dedication to mentorship, a willingness to invest in continuous learning, a knack for building effective teams, and the ability to motivate employees with empathy and empowerment. This episode will provide perspectives from women leaders with real-world examples of achieving company goals without sacrificing humanity along the way. Join our host Ann Dielman, Principal - Ann Dieleman Consulting and our guest speakers, Elizabeth Nigut, EVP and Chief People Officer - EMC, Beth Herman, Director of Engineering- Principal Financial Group, and Joy Thomas, Vice President, Operational Excellence - Arity as they: (1) define the makeup of successful teams; (2) identify key motivators which lead to both personal and job satisfaction for employees; and (3) how to plan touchpoints between mentors and mentees.