Is corporate travel dead?

It may be a long time before corporate travel resembles anything close to normal. While most organizations keep their generic travel bans in place, which increasingly look likely to last for the remainder of the year, what are the predictions around restarting business travel in the near future?
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A global pandemic has devastated the travel industry. Matthew Parsons, Corporate Travel Editor for Skift, will sit down with Senior Analyst at PaymentsSource, Michael Moeser, for a candid dialogue around current trends in the corporate travel space and the road to recovery. Insights into the potential liability created by Covid-19 lawsuits and new cost analysis necessity around booking lodging and airfare, as well as the renewed focus on your employee’s well being and safety. Discussion will also encompass the ongoing debate will business travel ever recover to pre-COVID days? Is there a silver lining to it all? Could there be an increase in business travel if more employees are working from home, as they'll want or need to meet up in person with colleagues more often? Don’t miss this thought provoking fireside chat about the new corporate travel journey.

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