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Mastercard brings fingerprinting into the home
In the ongoing quest to replace PINs and passwords, Mastercard has introduced a kit enabling consumers to register their own fingerprint on a biometric card at home, bypassing the need to visit a bank.

When consumers receive an EMV card from their issuer equipped with Mastercard’s fingerprint recognition technology, they may enroll their biometric data on the card using their finger and a special sleeve that accompanies the card.

The streamlined enrollment process is Mastercard’s latest attempt to improve biometric approaches to authenticating card users. Its other biometric card-authentication solutions include smartphone-based “selfie pay” and iris-scanning.

With the new in-home enrollment process, consumers receive an enrollment kit in the mail separately from the card, a Mastercard spokesperson explained. The consumer inserts the card and the battery-powered sleeve activates enrollment, registering the user’s fingerprint on the card’s sensor.