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Sweetgreen and the credit card diet
Bloomberg News
Back in 2013, Sweetgreen participated in LevelUp's “Credit Card Diet Day,” making it one of 20 LevelUp clients to reject cash for a day.

Not all diets last, but this one did. In 2017, Sweetgreen, which operates 64 fast-casual salad eateries, went fully cashless.

“Getting rid of cash improved efficiency, cut operating costs around transporting cash to the bank and we promoted it as environmentally friendly," said Theresa Dold, who was Sweetgreen’s director of product until she joined mobile payments firm LevelUp in mid-2017 as vice president of agency strategy.

At the time the cash ban went into effect, just 10% of Sweetgreen's sales were handled in cash. A year earlier, the company tested the cashless concept in six locations — resulting in a 10% boost to service speed.