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Mastercard's 'Selfie Pay'
A demonstration of Mastercard Identity Check, or "selfie pay" Bloomberg News
Mastercard Identity Check, a fingerprint-or-facial recognition product more commonly known as "selfie pay," began testing back in 2015 with two financial institutions.

Mastercard Identity Check uses a phone's built-in camera or fingerprint reader to scan the user's face or fingerprint during checkout. The phone itself is also identified during this process as an additional factor of authentication.

This system will automatically appear as an option at merchants that offer SecureCode, which is Mastercard's version of 3D Secure. Thus, only the issuer needs to make any changes to enable biometric authentication for e-commerce purchases.

First Tech Federal Credit Union added SecureCode in 2015 as part of its EMV migration plans. Mastercard's other pilot partner from 2015 was ICS, a unit of ABN Amro, which tested the technology in August of that year.