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Venmo's new cards take a lesson in design
Bloomberg News
Despite a reputation for being the go-to P2P app of digital natives, Venmo is once again pushing its market in the opposite direction with the debut of a plastic card.

The card follows a move to prune web-based P2P payments, keeping the Venmo experience focused on mobile devices. Even the card's application page directs users to open the Venmo app to reserve one of the limited-issue Venmo-branded Mastercards.

In addition to making retail payments, the Venmo card can be used to reload Venmo balances via ATMs.

Venmo's plastic card went through a first iteration as a Visa card that featured a bland lump of pizza dough as its design, and drew immediate criticism for that choice of art. The new version is a Mastercard offered in six colors, giving it a chance to stand out in the user's wallet. This is no small detail; many credit cards — including one offered by PayPal, which owns Venmo — use colored cores to distinguish themselves visually in the tiny space that's still visible when cards are stuffed into a traditional wallet.