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How Visa turns the Olympics into a testbed for fintech
Bloomberg News
Visa frequently uses the Olympics to showcase new technology, and is using the ongoing Winter Olympics in PyeongChang to push wearable technology.

Visa and Lotte Department Store, a South Korean retail chain, are selling gloves with embedded Near Field Communication chips and stickers to power contactless payments. The gloves contain a dual interface chip and a contactless antenna that can make payments at about 1,000 Olympic venues and contactless readers in other markets. The mittens will have a prepaid value of KRW 30,000 or KRW 50,000 ($27 or $45).

Visa is also providing four pins with the Olympic logo that can be used to make payments on site, and eight designed wearable stickers.

Though the card brand is active in all of these efforts, it also relies on partners to provide the technologies it tests within the Olympic Village.