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Groceries get the Go treatment
Bloomberg News
Following the path paved by the checkout-free Amazon Go concept, the newly merged Albertsons and Rite Aid are developing their own technologies for faster and more efficient checkouts.

Albertsons unveiled its plans for an Amazon Go-style store during a presentation to analysts last month. The store's cashierless checkout system will support a limited set of products such as Albertsons' meal kit line, Plated, said Shane Sampson, chief marketing and merchandising officer. The system will be supported by an app for mobile checkouts as well.

“We’re experimenting with Amazon Go-like technology today, where for example someone could go in and pick up a Plated order, it would know that you’re in the store, it would tender and order and you can leave outside of the check stand,” said Sampson.

In broad strokes, this is very close to Amazon's model, which uses a mobile app to determine which customers are in its store and automatically charge their default payment card for any products they walk out with. Amazon uses cameras and other sensors to detect which items are being removed from its stores, and by whom. Customers have a chance to review their purchases after the fact correct any mistakes in how they were charged.