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Visa and Walmart end their feud in Canada: Walmart will begin accepting Visa cards in Canada today, following a dispute between the two companies, according to a statement from Walmart. The retailer’s statement was brief, and did not reveal terms of any new deal between Walmart and Visa. Walmart stopped accepting Visa cards in Canada in 2016, starting in Thunder Bay, Ontario, and then extending the ban across the country later in the year, contending Visa was charging too much for transactions. The ban was part of a broader squabble over fee negotiations as both companies build out their own mobile payment applications.

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Amazon writes another retail page: Fresh of off the buzz from its "no checkout" concept store, Amazon is expanding what's perhaps its most ironic attempt to disrupt tradition retail. ReCode reports Amazon will open a bookstore in the Time Warner Center, near Central Park. The store, which will open at some point in 2017, will join retailers in the Time Warner Center's mall, such as J. Crew, Diesel and Microsoft. It won't be joining Borders, which once operated a bookstore in the upscale mall but no longer does. The Amazon store won't be entirely an old-school bookstore. While it will include bestsellers from Amazon's e-commerce book site, it will also showcase Amazon's new gadgetry, including Echo, which has attracted banks that are interested in financial uses for voice technology. Amazon already has a bookstore in Seattle, and ReCode reports Amazon also plans to open bookstores in Boston and Chicago.

Salesforce stakes a claim in e-commerce: Salesforce is already collaborating with other technology companies to enable transaction processing software, and it's now taking a stake in e-commerce. VentureBeat reports Salesforce Ventures, Salesforce's corporate investment unit, is part of a $20 million investment round in CloudCraze, an e-commerce startup that integrates into SalesForce's cloud service. CloudCraze sells technology that connects buyers and sellers across different digital channels, and touts a client list that includes Coke, GE and Kellogg's. Salesforce has been active on the investment front in e-commerce, recently acquiring Demandware, one of CloudCraze's competitors.

U.K. ATMs are busier than ever: While British competition watchdogs pressure ATM mergers, a robust picture of the country's ATM market is emerging. Finextra reports the holiday season was the busiest period ever for cash machines on the Link network, as nearly $1 billion was withdrawn over the holiday week. Link said more than $150 million was withdrawn on Dec. 24 alone. And people withdrew about $16 billion from 70,000 Link ATMs in December, an increase of 3.5% over December 2015. The U.K. government is pressuring Mastercard to address competitive issues related to its acquisition of VocaLink, which supplies the software that runs Link ATMs.

Tesco's sequel may be worse: The large data breach at the bank operated by the U.K. retail chain Tesco in late 2016 may be just the start, according to Richard Benham, chairman of the National Cyber Management Centre, the BBC reports. Drawing on the recent trend of hacks ranging from retailers to the U.S. presidential election, Benham suggests web criminals are gaining the upper hand and predicts a bank attack in the near future that will be large enough to cause the bank to fail due to a loss of confidence and a "run" on that bank. The BBC also cites research from Trend Micro that predicts a growth in ransomware due to crooks renting out technology that breaks into computer systems, encrypts data, then demands payment to decrypt it. Distributed denial of service attacks, which can overwhelm banking systems, are also expected to spike in the coming year, according to the BBC.

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