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Charities lose with cash: Charities that accept only cash donations may be missing more than $100 million each year in the U.K. alone, according to The Telegraph, which cites research from Barclaycard. The study reports 40% of U.K. residents carry less cash than they did three years ago. The financial institution's study comes as it reports a successful test of portable NFC and chip and PIN payment boxes developed in collaboration with Payworks, Miura and Sprout. The trial, which included 11 charities placing boxes in stores or at charity events, raised about $35,000 in one month. The results should also be good news for other banks that have built donation boxes for digital payments and EMV cards.

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Virtual virtual currency: Bitcoin technology company Paxful has launched a widget that people can use to build virtual bitcoin kiosks to digitally accept bitcoin payments over multiple methods. The widget can be embedded in any website, Facebook page, mobile app, or subscriber list and powers bitcoin purchases with more than 300 payment means. The widget's users are connected with bitcoin sellers from around the world, based on their purchasing currency, such as gift cards and debit cards, and the quantity of bitcoin desired.

Apple partners in AI: Payment pros are interested in the development of artificial intelligence as a way to improve marketing, security and other functions, with PayPal among the early adopters. Given the early stage of the technology, Apple has joined the Partnership on Artificial Intelligence, a group that is working on standards and best practices to ensure AI is developed safely, and with access to research among peers as new uses cases for AI develop. The partnership includes companies that are typically rivals, such as Amazon, Google, Facebook and Microsoft.

Former Visa prez Morris starts a new fund: Finextra reports Nyca Partners, a venture capital company started by former Visa president Hans Morris, has raised $125 million for a second fund with the goal of investing in payments, alternative finance and digital advisory services. Morris first started the fintech investment fund in 2014, with an initial $30 million capitalization, to bridge the gap between the heavily regulated banking industry and faster moving financial technology market by encouraging information sharing. "Nyca," which has invested in LendingClub, refers to "New York" and "California," part of a brand meant to evoke a marriage of technology and finance. Morris has also worked in venture capital and was an executive at Citigroup.

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