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Square Register gets a new handle: Square is changing the name of Square Register to Square Point of Sale to reflect a broader set of services. Square Register was one of Square's early attempts to broaden its appeal to merchants beyond its signature mobile point of sale hardware. Originally designed to mimic an old school cash register along with Square's mobile acceptance, Square Register gradually added features and was paired with other products such as a cash drawer, printer and a stand to hold an iPad. A nod to the the current merchant acquiring environment in which companies are embedding payments in a broad range of services, Square Point of Sale will enable payments, sales tracking, customer and employee management, according to the company.

Square CEO Jack Dorsey
Square CEO Jack Dorsey Bloomberg News

No cash registers equals a small staff: How many people will Amazon Go's store require if it doesn't need staff to take payments? As few as three and no more than ten, according to The New York Post. Amazon plans a two-story floorplan for new Go locations, which are expected to be the size of an average supermarket. The e-commerce giant envisions one employee will stock shelves, another will manage consumers, including cross sales, with other staff working at a drive through window or to help automatic grocery bagging machines. The Post also reports Amazon is considering requiring consumers to be Prime members to cut down on shoplifting.

Health and paychecks: As companies build new technology to add automation to health care and payroll, a pair of French startups are combining the two functions. TechCrunch reports PayFit, a digital paycheck company, and Alan, a web hosted health insurance company, are collaborating to offer their services from the same system. The integration is designed to allow human resource managers to centralize the two functions from a single sign on. Alan is one of the private insurance companies that supplement France's social security-driven national health care system.

NCR's Silver debuts in the U.K.: NCR's cloud-delivered point of sale system, Silver, has expanded to the United Kingdom, the company announced Wednesday. The service includes the NCR Silver core app, supporting mobile payments, sales reporting and marketing programs designed for small to medium sized businesses. Another service, NCR Silver Pro Restaurant is designed for food service merchants and includes staff and inventory management. NCR Silver debuted in the U.S. in 2012, and has a user base that includes mostly small and micro merchants, though some larger merchants such as Waffle House and marketing companies like LevelUp have adopted the system.

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