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NYC cabbies push for in-app tips: Uber's known for its slick payment experience, but cabbies haven't always been happy with the ride sharing app, which doesn't have an obvious way to tip drivers. Engadget reports the Independent Drivers Guild has collected 8,000 signatures on a petition to the NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission to require app-based transportation services to include a in-app tipping function. The TLC requires touch screens in yellow cabs to include an option for a 20% tip, or another amount. But it does not require ride sharing companies or app-based ride companies to include a tip payment button. The petition requires the TLC to formally consider the regulation.

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Insurance for P-to-P: Madrid-based online startup Traity has developed a blockchain-powered balance sheet that insures P-to-P transactions. Thenextweb reports a bot, called "Kevin," came out of a partnership between Traity and Suncorp, and is aimed at people buying on Craigslist and other digital marketplaces. Kevin provides insurance of as much as $100, mostly guarding against fraud and scams. Users who agree on a transaction visit a Kevin website and give the bot details on the payment. They then get a link that the parties in the transaction share. Kevin then creates a transaction on the blockchain to timestamp the deal.

U.K. unbowed by paper money protest: The U.K. government is moving ahead with new bills, despite protests from animal rights groups and religious organizations over the use of animal byproducts in the bills' production. Finextra reports The Bank of England will continue production of polymer-based five and 10 pound notes, citing costs. The Bank of England had promised to explore alternatives, but after consulting with Innovia, the bills' supplier, it found that production processes for new bills would result in a substantial cost beyond the approximate $60 million already spent on the 5 pound note and the approximate $30 million spent on the new ten pound note.

API contest: As the U.K. suffers from the departure of startups following last year's Brexit vote, there's a move underway to find a new generation of innovators. Wired reports U.K. banks have invested in Nesta's effort to encourage development off of an open banking API. Nesta, a U.K. innovation agency, has launched a prize fund of about $8 million for new financial technology products. The winners will get a grant of about $75,000 and a chance to earn more money based on the success of their projects. The participants will use a data "sandbox" with anonymous transaction data, along with technology and business support for design, legal and compliance issues.

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