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Visa may have a strong succession plan in place after CEO Charles Scharf resigned, but the company would have done well to find a way to keep him. According to Forbes, Scharf's four-year tenure was a success by almost any tangible measure. Visa's stock grew 130% and the card brand's operating income rose 26% between the end of 2013 and 2015, both better than the S&P 500 Index and rivals such as American Express. In 2013, the company was added to the Dow Jones Industrial Average, and it also completed several big deals including the acquisition of Visa Europe to cement the brand's global reach, a data-sharing detente with PayPal and winning the Costco card business after Costco's long relationship with Amex ended. Scharf's replacement, Alfred F. Kelly, is currently the CEO of Manhattan-based Intersection Co. and the former president of American Express.

Charles Scharf
Charles Scharf Bloomberg News

Speaking of Amex, the financial institution is getting on the sandbox train, launching Amex for Developers, a new portal that's a single point of access to APIs and developer resources such as payment services, customized experiences, data intelligence and fraud prevention. The portal has a set of tools that enables developers to create and test new products without accessing consumer or merchant data. Mastercard and Visa have also both opened their technology tools to external developers, and PayPal has gone as far as to open offices in a technology developers' compound in Toronto.

Lofty goals, or even boasts, have long been part of Apple's DNA, and Apple Pay is no exception. CEO Tim Cook told the Japanese news service Nikkei that Apple Pay will be catalyst that gets people to stop using cash in favor of mobile payments. Cook, who gave the interview to mark the tenth anniversary of the iPhone, also said Apple would open a development center in Japan to focus on artificial intelligence and other web innovation. Apple earlier this summer detailed its plans for Japan, which includes support for the FeliCa wireless technology used in the area. It will also support FeliCa in the newest versions of the Apple Watch.

It's now OK for the cops to swipe payment or gift cards during an investigation. The U.S. Court of Appeals in Texas has ruled it's reasonable for cops to scan about 100 gift cards at a traffic stop to obtain information that can help solve a crime. The defendants had challenged the searches as unreasonable. In this case, police found an outstanding warrant for a passenger after pulling over the car. Upon searching the car, the police found a plastic bag that had been pushed under the front passenger seat, as if to "keep it hidden." The bag had gift cards that the car's driver had allegedly purchased illegally.

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