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Klarna saves Cookies' crumbs: The Swedish payment company Klarna is bringing on the team behind a P-to-P payment app, Cookies, which filed for bankruptcy earlier this year, TechCrunch reports. Cookies' Berlin office will be Klarna's first in the city, and the team (minus one co-founder, who isn't making the transition) will develop a new product for Klarna, TechCrunch reports.

Walmart wants to go big on blockchain: Blockchain, the distributed ledger tech commonly associated with bitcoin, has a much different use at Walmart. The retail giant is testing IBM's blockchain system to track food products from their point of origin to the point of sale, Ars Technica reports. The benefit would be tracking foodborne illness and other factors; if the trial succeeds, Walmart wants to expand it to more food products in the U.S. and China, Ars reports.

Bloomberg News
Bloomberg News

Amazon embeds into more appliances: Soon enough, Amazon's notorious Dash button — a cheap WiFi device that lets consumers reorder household items — may seem obsolete. The e-commerce innovator is working with more companies to embed Dash purchasing capabilities into items such as Whirlpool dishwashers, PUR water filtration, GeniCan garbage pails and more, TechCrunch reports. Amazon provides open APIs to allow any device maker to connect to its e-commerce platform to restock on supplies.

Back in black: Apple is well known for pricing its products at a premium, and in the past has even shunned the idea of doing Black Friday sales. Mobile technology may have changed the company's mind. TechCrunch spotted a new page of one-day deals on Apple's website, which does not promote any specific sales but does indicate the Apple Store app will be "the fastest way to shop our one-day event."

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PNC, First Data see opportunity in omnichannel health care tech
PNC and First Data see a benefit in tailoring the health care experience with a focus on the consumer, and are working to enable that process by funding a cloud-based IT company that digitizes medical office management.

Visa FTC response aims to calm merchant frustration on debit routing
Visa Inc. has clarified its position on EMV debit card routing to address growing concern among merchants that the card brand's rules were forcing those transactions onto the Visa network rather than allowing merchants to choose among less expensive options.

Startups are needed to ease millennial overdrafts
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Another bank (Santander) quits blockchain alliance R3
The Spanish banking giant Santander has withdrawn from the bank consortium R3 CEV, becoming the second defector from the blockchain group this week after Goldman Sachs.

Apple patent suggests Siri, iMessage team up for P-to-P payments
Few of Apple's numerous patent applications make it to market, but if the consumer electronics giant follows through on one filed last week, iPhone users may have the Siri virtual assistant helping them with person-to-person payments through the iMessage platform.

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