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Barclays cards draw a bad hand: Barclays suffered a digital breakdown that left consumers unable to use ATMs or make card payments in stores. The U.K. bank reported it was investigating the problem and was in the process of fixing the issue, though the BBC reported the fixes were staggered, resulting in some consumers having difficulty making payments and accessing cash for several days until early this week. Barclays has about 15 million cardholders in the U.K., though the bank said the glitch did not affect all of its customers. The more recent glitch comes a few months after another issue resulted in some consumers being charged twice for Barclaycard payments.

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A competitor for PayPal and Square's merchant lending: Extending small amounts of credit to retailers has proven to be a popular merchant service for PayPal and Square, which use their ability to accumulate vast amounts of transaction data to make quick decisions and to collect debts. Allentown, Pa.-based Harbortouch is joining the market through a partnership with Strategic Funding Source. The two companies will collaborate to extend business loans, generally more than $10,000 in working capital, and will use their existing relationships and data to enable funding and automated repayment features. Two two companies enjoy substantial scale. Harbortouch has served more than 300,000 merchants in the U.S. and processes about $12 billion in annual payments, while SFS has provided financing to "thousands" of businesses, with credit totalling "tens of millions of dollars," according to a release.

Some good news on fraud: Most of the news about fraud is about how it's getting worse, or larger, or more sophisticated. But there are some parts of the market where it's in decline. Debit card losses due to card skimming are down for the seventh year in a row in Canada, according to Interac, Canada's national debit network. The organization reported skimming losses of $11.4 million, a record low, and noted only $1.5 million of that fraud was in Canada. Of the $351 billion sent across the network in 2016, only 0.003% of that value was fraudulent, Interac reported. It's a victory for EMV, as Interac says the very low in-country skimming is due to the maturity of chip cards. Canada's migration began in 2008 and EMV cards and merchants are nearly saturated in Canada. Despite that, Canadians are still afraid of skimming. Interac reports 75% of Canadians are worried about skimming, and a third of consumers have used debit cards less due to the concern.

Signs of life for the 'Pays': Contactless payments from a mobile device are still a small portion of payments in the U.K., but it's starting to take off fast. Citing research from Worldpay, Finextra reports mobile contactless payments reached 38 million in 2016, or 247% year over year growth, with December being the busiest month for NFC payments. Worldpay also reports contactless payments now account for 28% of all non-cash transactions in the U.K. The research firm attributes the expansion to the introduction of Android Pay to the U.K., the growth of Apple Pay, and the role of marketing. Lunchtime "meal deal" hotspots, including supermarkets, grocery stores and other food businesses, accounted for more than 54% of all mobile tap and pay transactions in 2016, while bars, pubs and restaurants made up 20%.

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Much has been written about the potential of pay-as-you-go solar to advance financial inclusion while expanding access to energy among the poor.

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