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Dunkin boosts startup's 'order ahead': Using a mobile app to order ahead is already a big part of Starbucks' digital strategy, and rival Dunkin Donuts is pursuing the feature. TechCrunch reports Dunkin Donuts is supporting Waze's Order Ahead app. Waze requires users to have the updated version of the Dunkin iPhone or Android app. Waze, which is expected to add other quick serve restaurants, has also partnered with Dunkin Donuts on marketing campaigns in the past. Dunkin also has its own mobile ordering and payment system, which was developed by some of the same programmers who worked in the Starbucks app. Order ahead apps have also become a major part of PayPal's merchant acquiring strategy, and is considered an important option for ISOs.

Bloomberg News
Bloomberg News

mPOS Rescue: As the mobile payments technology industry becomes more crowded, advertising campaigns are also proliferating. Harbortouch has just entered a deal with Jon Taffer, the executive producer and host of Spike TV's "Bar Rescue," in which Taffer will endorse Habortouch's touchscreen point of sale system. Like many acquirers approaching a commoditized market for payments hardware, Harbortouch, which specializes in bar and restaurant payments systems, has been expanding its services, recently adding merchant credit to compete with Square and PayPal. The celebrity marketing campaign adds to its attempt at differentiation and brand recognition. Celebrity endorsements are common in the prepaid card industry, even though the practice is often panned. The practice is not as common in the point of sale hardware and software business. "We wanted to see if we could go a step further and do something entirely unique by helping our customers generate more revenue," said Jared Isaacman, Harbortouch CEO, in a release.

Digital Kenya: Kenya has long been an early adopter of financial inclusion technology, dating to the early days of MPesa to Visa's more recent activity to build digital payments in the African country. The country is now taking a whirl at 'faster payments' as KCB, the largest bank in East and Central Africa, partners with WorldRemit to build an instant transfer service. The service is designed to connect people inside Kenya with the three million Kenyans who live abroad. The partnership will include near real time transfers between KCB bank accounts, which is part of a broader attempt to fully digitize the Kenyan economy, according to Annastacia Kimtai, KCB's retail director, in a press release. In the first half of 2016, WorldRemit passed the milestone of one million transfer to Kenya, and consumers now send more than 65,000 transfers each month to Kenya, according to KCB.

Dissecting Disney's Magic: Disney's MagicBand, a bracelet given to guests at Disney World hotels and theme parks for payments, room access and other functions, is a lot more than a simple NFC device. It actually has two radios, according to Gizmodo, which tore apart a writer's MagicBand to see how it works. It has a short-range RFID radio and a long-range radio that's somewhere between a Bluetooth Low Energy device and a WiFi device. The short-range radio is used for the more obvious functions, like making payments and unlocking hotel doors. The long-range radio performs the more invisible tasks like tracking park patrons as they board rides such as Splash Mountain so that they get the right photo at the end, according to Gizmodo.

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AppleInsider • Mikey Campbell
Apple introduced Apple Pay to Taiwan on Wednesday local time with support for seven banks in the region, bringing the touchless payments system to to its 15th market.

New Quantum Gadget Could Make Contactless Payment More Secure
Electronic Component News • Jmooney
A prototype gadget that sends secret keys to encrypt information passed from a mobile device to a payment terminal, could help to answer public concerns around the security of contactless and wireless transactions.

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