ACI expands features of Speedpay wallet

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Payments and banking software provider ACI Worldwide says it has added improved communications and security tools to its ACI Speedpay bill payment service that businesses can offer to customers.

The new features provide consumers with more choices in how they receive notifications, as well as how they make the payments for auto or consumer loans, government payments, insurance, mortgage or utilities.

Behind the scenes, ACI Speedpay has a new interactive voice response system feature that helps call centers reduce the scope of Payment Card Industry security standards compliance, while enabling customer service representatives to conference-in customers to enter payment details. Such a process moves the payment details entry past the customer service reps for added security.

Data analytics and visualization tools are used to provide better insights into the customer experience so organizations can identify parts of the process that can be improved to result in more on-time payments.

"This latest release focuses on billing and payments convenience, security and customer interaction," Sanjay Gupta, executive vice president at ACI Worldwide, said in a Wednesday press release. "In addition to ACI Speedpay's agent-IVR conference feature, we've improved security with our tokenized payment entry form."

Speedpay users will now have the option to use dynamic e-billing, multi-recipient bills and cash payment features.

Naples, Fla.-based ACI Worldwide established the Speedpay bill payment service as part of its Universal Payments platform last spring not long after the company acquired Walletron, a Western Union mobile wallet development technology.

Speedpay launched as a way for consumers to view bills from their Apple Wallet or Google Pay apps and make payments within two clicks using the Universal Payments bill payment software.

ACI says its bill payment solution currently serves 3,600 clients using it to offer customers easier ways to view and pay bills.

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