ACI launches new bill-pay wallet on heels of Walletron acquisition

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ACI Worldwide launched a new mobile wallet with loyalty capabilities to bolster its Universal Payments platform with consumer bill-paying services.

The new wallet is the result of ACI's completing its acquisition on Thursday of Walletron, a Western Union mobile wallet development technology, and also coincides with the company's other acquisition from WU of Speedpay bill-payment technology. ACI said it would also close the Speedpay deal on Thursday.

The ACI wallet will allow consumers to view bills from their Apple Wallet or Google Pay apps and make the payments from their smartphones.

Late last year, ACI and Walletron announced a relationship that would allow ACI clients to offer their customers the ability to view bills from smartphones and make payments within two clicks using the Universal Payments bill payment software.

Walletron also powers the presentation of a mobile bill for several Speedpay customers, as Walletron had worked closely with Speedpay prior to Western Union's investments and acquisition of Walletron two years ago.

Speedpay has been the bill-payment system at Western Union since the late 1980s.

“Today’s consumers expect a bill pay experience that is quick, easy and digitized, and with billing and payment among an organization’s most frequent and most important touchpoints, customer experience is paramount,” Sanjay Gupta, executive vice president at ACI Worldwide, said in a Thursday press release. “As more consumers utilize mobile devices to view and pay bills, organizations must be able to present bills in a mobile-friendly way."

The combination of ACI’s bill payments platform and Walletron’s next-generation mobile wallet billing technology "delivers consumers a digital bill pay experience unmatched in the industry," Gupta added.

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