Adquira and Inetco are attacking payment-processing slowdowns by using cloud-delivered technology to track the performance of individual components of a transaction.

"Usually payments is one core application in a data center. Adquira has broken it up, so the different parts are in different environments," says Marc Borbas, a vice president at Inetco.

Adquira, a processing subsidiary of partners BBVA Bancomer and Telefonica Movistar, is using Inetco Insight to manage its payments operations network within the Amazon Web Services cloud. Inetco will monitor e-commerce payments and mobile service transactions in Mexico to mitigate latency and other glitches.  

Adquira, which did not make an executive available for an interview by deadline, offers payment products to government agencies and more than 500 Latin American corporations. It integrates its payments technology with the enterprise core systems of its clients.

Inetco will attempt to isolate the root cause of slowdowns or failures within Adquira's payments processing infrastructure to improve customer experience.

"We're taking a worm's eye view of a transaction, when does it break? And how do we get a handle on that?" Borbas says.

Inetco will trail a payment from the authorization process at the retailer to the acquiring bank, then back to the merchant and through to confirmation with the customer. It will capture and correlate hop-by-hop response times for transactions (a "hop" is the trip a data packet takes between routers).

Inetco will provide real-time alerts for unexpected response codes, host connection time outs, supplier offline scenarios and other glitches.

Inetco's technology is able to perform monitoring without changing the programming of the underlying systems at each party, Borbas says. "We can track transactions and don't need to touch the application."

Inetco's partner, the vendor and consultant Bowman Technologies, facilitated the sale between Inetco and Adquira.

Other companies, such as CloudPassage, aid transaction processing in a cloud-enabled payments environment.

The cloud is also being used to enable risk management for mobile commerce. Citigroup, U.S. Bancorp and other members of The Clearing House are working on a cloud-based system to deliver a layer of identity and security protection for consumers that use mobile wallets.

Cloud technology is picking up steam at payments companies. "There is a lot of focus on the cloud and the ability to avoid upfront investment in technology. And anytime you are processing transactions quickly, having the ability to monitor performance is critical to customer satisfaction," says Arkady Fridman, a senior analyst at Aite Group. "Any problem with a network or operating system that a staff is unable to respond to exacerbates the problem."

While most cloud providers can monitor payments processing, a specific expertise in payments is helpful, Fridman says.  

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