After Amazon patent expires, Magento debuts one-click checkout

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One of Amazon’s signature e-commerce tools is becoming available to the masses.

E-commerce giant Magento Commerce has introduced Instant Purchase for its merchants, leveraging retail giant Amazon’s 1-Click checkout process after the patent recently expired, Magento announced Thursday.

To be sure, many e-commerce merchants tout a generic “single-click” checkout experience, but the specific Amazon 1-Click approach was patented in 1999 and its use was restricted until Sept. 12, 2017, according to Jason Woosley, senior vice president of product and technology at the Campbell, Calif.-based company.

Magento is rolling out the new feature this week to merchants that use its cloud-based platform, enabling online shoppers that have signed in to a participating merchant’s website to instantly purchase items with a single click, confirming payment and shipping credentials they’ve previously stored with that merchant, Magento said.

For the last 13 years Amazon has “vigorously” patrolled use of its precise checkout technology, charging royalties to other sites and merchants, and many e-commerce platforms and merchants are working to adapt it now, Woosley said.

Magento was quick to get to market with its version of the technology because it fast-tracked development over the last three months with help from the open-source development community that's been one of the company's hallmarks since its inception in 2008, according to Woosley.

“Many merchants and mobile wallets may call their checkout process ‘one-click’ but truthfully they all require at least a few clicks, and we’re the first large e-commerce platform to provide a true one-click approach using Amazon’s method,” Woosley said.

Rival e-commerce platforms and merchants are likely to follow suit soon, he noted.

“We’re going to see broad adoption of one-click checkout now across a lot of e-commerce platforms and sites, particularly sites targeting consumers in verticals like fashion and electronics where speed is vital and merchants want to make the shopping experience frictionless,” Woosley predicted.

Developers at Creatuity developed Magento’s Instant Purchase feature through the company’s enterprise solutions network of 250,000 developers around the world, which support the largest e-commerce marketplace for extensions available for download, Magento said.

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